An Account of the Severall Species of Mony Sent from Dunkirk To Mr Ashb Frowd Controwler of the forain offices London with the number of Livers and Sols Each Contains and the Price of the whol in English mony

{Oter} To a double Louis D'ore french new 4000
Ditto single 2000
Ditto Double old 3100
Ditto Single old 15100
a gold Ducat of Holland 8100
Half a Louis dore New 10000
New French Crown 5000
Ditto one old 4000
Ditto half new crown 2100
ditto old {2}000
ditto a quarter New 1050
a Ducatoon Spanish 5000
a Ducatoon Flemish 4000
Half Ducatoon 3000
a Flemish {sciling} 0100
a promiscus skilling 0100
half a promiscus scilling 0050
a Spanish Riall plate 0100
a small French piece old 006:6
Ditto a small piece 004:0
a new coin of Sols 002:5
one of a Sole {12} and 3 {dew} and {Dixes} 00110
Lsd 153:09:0
153:9:10 Is in English mony att 17L per pound {sterling} 9L1s:2d

Novr. {illeg}. 1712

Received the full contents on the otherside being nine pounds one shilling {at} two pence of Cotr. Fauquier. I say received {per} {me}— 9L. 1s. 2d

Ashburnham Frowde

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