<10r> [Editorial Note 1]

Decat of Venice Vnworn weight 14dwt 14gr 12 Ducat unworn 7dwt 712gr 14 Ducat unworn 3dwt. 15gr.

A Piece of 124 {sols} worn 3gr {or} 4weight 17dwt 22gr On one side a Lion winged before the Duke of Venice with a Flagg. & about it S.M Venst. Ant Priol Dun On the other side a Sain{t} before a Raven & about him Memor ero lui Iustina vir & underneath, 124.

A Piece of {7}2 {sols} worn 4gr or 5. weight 8dwt 22gr. Of like form with the former except that the inscription about the Lyon & Duke is S. M. Ven. Domin. Con. D. & underneath the Lyon & Duke are the letters G.D.

A Crusade of Venice of 140 sols Weight 20dwt 6gr. On one side a Lion winged in an Escutcheon & about it Sanctus Marcus Venelus & underneath 140. Not worn. On the other side a flourishing Cross & about it Aloysius Contrare Dux Venat & apart G.S.

A half piece of the same form. Weight 10dwt 012gr. Worn 2 or 3 grains. Vnder the Lyon the number 70 & about the cross Bertue Veleno. Dure Vene. And apart F.C.

A quarter piece of the same

An Ecu or Escuti of the Pope. Weight 20dwt 14gr Worn 12gr On one side the Popes head & about it Innocent XI Pont. Max. A. VIII. On the other side Dextera tya Domine percussit inimicum. 1684.

Three Testons of the Pope unworn weight 17dwt 15gr Singly 5. 21.gr . Other four weighed 23dwt 14gr. Single 5.2112. Other three weighed 17dwt 16gr.

A small piece of silver money of the Pope weighed 2025gr. A half Iule not worn, coynd 1685.

A Iulio coyd 1654 weight 2d 312gr. worn 112 or 212gr St George slaying a winged Dragon & about him S. Georgius Firrarice Protector 1654. On the other side the Popes arms & about them Innocentius X Pont. Max.

A piece of Millain wieght 2{0}dwt 14gr worn 5gr or 6. The Philip. On one side his head crowned & about it Philippus III Rex Hispan 1621 On the other his arms & about it Dux Mediolan.

The crown of Millain weight 17dwt 21 gr. The kings head & about it Carolus II Rex Hispaniarum On the Revers his arms & about it Mediolain Dux etc

Coyns of Naples of 100, 50, 20, 10 grains all of like form. The Kings head on {one} side & about it Car. II. D. G. Rex Hisp & Neap. & on the other side a golden Fleece suspended & under it the number of grains. These pieces were very well sized unworn & weighed 14dwt 014gr; 7dwt 018gr; 2. 1914; 1. 958

Two twenty sols pieces of the Duke of Savoy, each weighing 3dwt 21gr. One coyned 1677 worn 112gr. The Dutchess & her son on one side & about them Mar. 10. Bap. Vic. Am. 11. D. G. Dux Sab. On the other side a mixt coat of arms crowned & about it Prin. Pedsom. Reges Cypri. 1677. The other piece not worn or above 13 grain. The Dukes head & about it Victor Am. N D. G. Dux Sab. & the reverse like the other. Vnder the arms of them both 5.20. This last coynd 1691.

The {tens} sols pieces of the Duke of Savoy weighing 7dwt. 2112gr. & 1dwt 22gr worn each 1gr. Dates 1676. 1681. Coynd like the 20 sols pieces. Vnder the arms written 5. 10.

Two Sevil double Pistoles of a new form, the one not edged coynd 1682 weighing 8dwt 15gr 34 the other edged 1699 weighing 8dwt 17gr. Well coynd. On one side a coat of arms crowned & about it Car. 11. D.G. on the other a cross & about it Hispaniarum rex On either side the coat of arms 4. {Item} a 12 & 14 piece of like form & proportional weight. Well sized.

{Zacheens} which half & quarter.

A double Pistole of the Pope. Weight 8d 1412gr: OThe Popes head & about it Veramus Pont. Max. On the other side an Angel Mich:with a spere slaying the Devil & about it vivil Deus. 1634.

A half Pistole of the Pope weighing 2dwt 4gr The Popes arms with Innocent XI Pont. Max. On the other side the Virgin holding Christ & about her Sublimis inter sidera

A double Pistole of Millain weight 8dwt 12gr worn 1 or 2gr. A single one weight 4dwt, 613gr not worn

Another single one weight 4dwt 534gr worn 14grains.The [1]
king of spains head on one side & arms on the other. with the title medolain Dux.

A double Pistole of Geneva. Weight 8dwt 15gr [2]
worn 1gr.       A cross & about it Conradus III Ro. Rex G.F. On the other side this figure & about it Dux {et Gub}     Reip. Gen.

A Pistole of the Duke of Savoy. Weight 4dwt 812gr well coynd. His head & about it Car. Em. II. D. G. Dux Sab. 1675. On the other side his arms crownd & about it Prine Pied. Rex Cypri.

A double Pistole of Placentia weight 8dwt 9gr worn 1gr.

A Hungary Ducant weight 2deadweight 523 grains.

<10v> [Editorial Note 2]


I have waited on the Gentleman about the Italian Coins, & I have obtain'd their perusal for 3 or 4 days, So that you please to vouchsafe the Honour of calling before I return 'em, shall be glad may pass your observacion, & then if appears amongst 'em any Thing Material where several of a Sort, believe may purchase 'em

I'me scarce ever from the Counting House except betwixt 2 & 3 Nor ever expect to see any Gentlemen there for whose Character shall entertain a more sensible Veneration


Your most humble & obe{dient}

Isaac Davies


[Editorial Note 1] fos. 10 and 11 are conjoined; this is the recto of the result.

[1] Isaac Newton Esq.

[2] At Her Majestys Mint in the Tower

[Editorial Note 2] fos. 10 and 11 are conjoined; this is the verso of the result.

[3] Foster Lane Frydy. 19 Iune 9 a Clock

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