Whereas the Lords of her Majesties most honourable Privy Council have appointed the 28th day of this present month of Iuly at nine of the clock in the morning to have a Triall taken of her Majesties Pix at the house inhabited by the Vsher within the Receipt of her Majesties Exchequer at Westminster: And whereas by certain Acts of Parliament, the Diet of Plate assayed by the Assaymasters of the Companies of Goldsmiths of the Cities of York Exeter Bristol Chester Norwich & town of Newcastle upon Tine, being locked up in Boxes with three keys kept by the two Wardens & one Assaymaster of each Company, is, at the charges of each respective Company, to be conveyed to her Majesties Mint in the Tower of London (annually if required,) that it may be tried as the Pix of the coyn of this kingdom is tried.

These are to will and require you forthwith upon receipt hereof to convey or cause to be conveyed to her Majesties Mint within the Tower of London the Box or Boxes of all the Diet in your respective charges or custodies, & that you the Wardens and your Assay-master & every of them do also attend with the keys thereof at the said trial of the Pix on munday the 28th of this instant Iuly by nine of the clock in the forenoon at the house above mentioned in Westminster to open the said Boxes for trying in their presence the Dust therein conteined, as they & every of them will answer the contrary at their perills. Dated

To the Wardens & Company
of Goldsmiths of the City of

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