To the Right Honourable The Lords Commissioners of
his Majesties Treasury

The humble Representation of the Provost & Fellowes of the

Corporation of Monyers belonging to his Majesties Mint in the Tower

of London


That the said Monyers have with all Dilligence and Faithfullness Applyed themselves to the Laborious Recoining of the Old Clipt Moneyes, And by Your Lordshipps directions did not only send some of their Members, to the several Country Mints to Performe what was to be done there, (though they receive no payment for the said Worke, nor know of any provision made for the same) but have alsoe with all readiness att your Lordshipps Command provided the said Mints with Good Summes of Money and all manner of Tools and necessaryes for makeing of Money.

In which service the said Corporation hath Expended the summe of Eight Thousand pounds and Vpwards, as by the particulars hereunto Annexed doth appeare.

Now forasmuch as the said Coinage is near att an End When it will be Expected, That the Moneyers shall make Good their Waste The said Provost and Fellowes doe in a Most humble Manner Lay this their Account before your Lordshipps, Praying your Lordshipps to direct the payment of the said summe of Eight Thousand pounds, Or Give your Orders to Thomas Neale Esqr: his Majesties Master and Worker of the Mint, To allow them the said Summe in their Account of Waste, Or In such other manner to enable them to finish and Conclude this Last Remaine, as in your Lordshipps Greate Wisdom shall seem meet

And they shall ever Pray &ca:

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