An Account of the Charges in Receiving into the Mint, Refineing, Melting, Coyning and paying into the Receipt of his Majesties Exchequer. One Thousand Seven hundred Sixty Nine Ingotts of Silver Melted Down from the Clipt Monies that was foudn in the said Receipt at the taking the Twelfth generall Remaine on the 24 day of Iune Last past which said 1769 Ingotts Weighed when Reduced to Standard 129550ll: 05oz: 09dwt: 23gr:

For the Coining 129550ll: 05: 09: 23: at 14d: per pound 7557022
For Melting 259100ll: 10oz: 19dwt: 22: Ingotts and Scissell at 34d: per pound 80913934
Refining of 25588ll: 8oz: of Coarse Silver at 12d per pound weight 1279088
The Waste to be Born by the King computed at 212d per pound 134909814
For Two Labourer's Work in the Assay Office to assist in Cutting of the Silver Ingotts, pileing and Carrying them into the Office of Receipt from 12th: Novembr: to 16: Ianuary Inclusive 50: days at each three shillings a day 15000
Four Bustells of Copple Ashes 208
One Peck of Cotteridge 1000
Three Douzaine of Mufflers 2140
For 50: dayes making Coppels at 2s: 6d: a day 6050
Thomas Langworth and Richard Bullock putting the Ingotts into the Seale and thence Carrying them into the Treasury Roome, and from thence to the Scale when deliver'd out for Melting, and for attending the Office upon this Extraordinary Occasion from 12th: Novembr to 16: Ianuary 50: days at 2s: 6d a day 12100
Richard Dallow taking the Money from the Weigher and Carrying it to the Tellers twenty Six dayes at t: shillings a day 6100
Thomas Hawks attending the Money when taken up 26: Dayes at 5: shillings a day 6100
Mr: Thomas Turner attending the Tellers of the Exchecquer 26: dayes at 10: shillings a day 130
Phillip Dallowe assistant to the Porter for seaven Weeks 3100
Carridge from the Mint to the Exchecquer and Loading forty three Loades 21100
Mr: Pendleton going up to the Exchecquer and Loading fourty three Loades 4050
Richard Bullock going up with the same 17 times at 2: shillings and 6d: 2026
Arthur Iones Oversee'r of the Moneyers Workmen 30: dayes at 3s: a day 410
Paid for the tallys of this 12th: Remaine 3906
Paid the Exchecquer Porters for carrying the Money from the carts to the severall Offices at 6ds: per Mille 9150
Paid for the Pix of this 12 generall remain 232016
Lost by the Assay of the New Moneys 0090



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