1 Henr 7 Indenture Betweene the Kings + Giles Lord Dawbeney + Barth Rede Master Worker
8 Henr 7 Indenture Betweene his Majesty and Ino Sha + Barth Rede Master Workers
21 Henr 7 Robt {Feurothe} + Wm. Rede Master Workers
1° Henr 8 Indenture Betweene his Majesty + Wm Blount Lord Mountjoy
4° Edr 6ti A {Commission} to Peckham + Yorke to Coyne Gold
and {direct} other {Commissions} concerning the Coinage
Severall proclamations concering the Coyne
19 Eliz A Warrant to Coyne Gold + to proceed in the Coynadge
25 Eliz Indenture in{t} Martyn + the Queene
35 Indenture for Coyneing Gold
43 Eliz Indenture betweene Sir Richard Martyn + his Sonne + her Majesty.

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