Iohn Buckworth, Charles Duncomb, Iames Hoare Esqrs. being Appoynted Commissioners to exercise + execute the office of Master + Worker of the Mint attending the Lords Commissioners of his Majestys treasury on the 27 day of Iuly 1680 were by them required to enter security to the King at the Remembrancer's Office according to what Mr. Slingsby had done or had been accustomed formerly in the like Case

In Pursueance of that direction the following Warrant was made

Whereas his Majesty by his Lords Patents under the great seale of England bearing the date the 15 day of Iuly last past hath Constituted and Appointed Iohn Buckworth, Charles Duncomb of London Esqr. + Iames Hoar Esqr. Comptroller of the Mint to be Commissioners to exercise and execute the Office of Master + Worker of his Majestys Mint + to do performe + Cause to be done + performed all such matters + things as to that Office appertaineth dureing his Majestys pleasure, These are to pray + require You forthwith according to the Course of the Exchequer in his Majestys Name + for his Majestys use to take security of each of the said Commissioners in three severall Bonds or obligations in the penalty of two thousand <192v> Pounds each with respective Conditions that they respectively shall well + truely Accompt to his Majesty his Heires + Successours for all summ + summes of Mony which they have received or shall Come to their hands by reason of the Comition aforesaid + answer + pay to His Majesty his Heires + successours what shall appear at any time or time to be due upon such accompt or Accompts as aforesaid + in all respect duely + lawfully exercise + execute the Office aforesaid both with respect to the King's Majesty as also to his Majestys subjects, And further Wee direct you to take for fees of the said Bonds only six shillings + Eight pence + of each of the said Commissioners only twenty shillings in all four Pounds for takeing the securityes aforesaid + for so doeing this shall be your Warrant Whitehall Treasury Chambers

L Hide

I. Henly

Ed. Aering


S Godolphin

Ste: Fox


[1] The contents of this note are only visible in the diplomatic transcript because they were deleted on the original manuscript

[2] To Our very Loving friend Henry Ayloffe Esqr. the Kings Remembrancer or his Deputy

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