About 2 years & an half ago Mr Harris meeting with Mr Croker a Jeweller & finding that he could emboss desired him to practise engraving & for his encouragement promised him that as soon as he could grave well enough for the service of the Mint he should have a place & an house in the mint & an hundred pounds per ann for his service there & thereupon Mr Croker left his own imployment & practised graving & supported himself at his own charge except that he received of Mr Harris by severall little parcells during the first two years untill the displacing of Mr Roettiers about 80. And since the displacing of Mr Roettiers he hath received 26 without any lodgings or further encouragement. And about whitsonday was a twelvemonth When Mr Harris took Mr Fitches house to work in, he promised Mr Croker that he should have Mr Roettiers Salary. And about 3 months ago when Mr Croker complained to Mr Harris that he had no encouragement to go on & prest Mr Harris for a settlement saying that he could not otherwise work a stroke more Mr Harris replied that he had promised him an hundred pounds a year & that if he would go off he might when he pleased. And on thursday was a senight {Mr} Croker presenting Mr Harris with a paper wherein he represented to him that he had promised him Mr Roettier's Salary & a house for graving for the coyn besides what he did for medalls & desired a settlement to depend upon. To which Mr Harris (without reading the paper) answered in general that he would make a settlement but 3 or 4 days after when Mr Croker spake to him again about it & told him that he was ordered to grave...but had no encouragement he replied that he would do nothing till he was in the other house & then he would make a settlement.

NB. Mr Harris cannot emboss nor punch, nor draw. All the assistance Mr Croker had from him was to be told of what Mr Harris thought was faulty & to be supplied with pieces of Mr Roettiers & others to copy after.

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