To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners
of his Majestys Treasury.

The humble Memoriall of Ionathan

Ambrosse Melter to his Majestys Mint

in the Tower.


That tho he hath made an Agreement with Your Lordships for Melting and refineing of the Silver proceeding from the Clipt money, Yet he is at A Loss for the plate brought into his Majestys Mint & there Coyned since the Fourth of May last of which Thirteen Thousand Three hundred Forty Nine Pounds weight hath been Already melted by him ino Ingotts and cannot be done under 1d: 12 per pound weight & the refineing thereof at the Rate he hath for the Clipt Money Amounts to no Less than One hundred & Fifty Pounds Sterling and whereas the Indentures by which all this is Coyned makes no manner of Provision for this melting nor Refineing & there is probabillity of A farr greater quantity comeing into the Mint to be coyn'd

The said Melter humbly Prayes Your Lordshipos will please to take the same into Your Consideration and to Order or direct what he shall be paid for Melting the said Plate into Ingotts (which is exceeding troublesom and three times the Charge & Expence that there is in a Melting any other Silver) and for refineing the Melted Silver to make it fitt for Coyning and out of what Money he shall be paid the Same.


Coppy of it Ambrose Memoriall Aug 1696

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