After Our hearty Commendations: These are to Authorise and Require you, or either of you to whom it appertaines, to deliver to Thomas Anderson the present Provost of the monyers the Keys of the Office of Engineer of the Mint in the Tower of London, and to putt into his possession all the Tooles and engines remaining there For rounding and marking of the monies or any others, (now in your or any of your Custody) which do belong to the said Office and the performing of the services relating thereso, and for so doing this shall be your Warrant Whitehall Treasury Chambers Nov. the 3d. 1690.

R. Hampden

Ste. Fox.

Th. Pelham.


[1] To our very Loving friends the Warden master and Worker and Comptroller of their Majesties Mints or to either or any of them whom {this} may concerne.

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