Sect II
The second Temple & two Witnesses with its Candlesticks representing the two Witnesses.

When the Woman fled into the Wilderness she fled from the Temple on mount Sion through the Wilderness of Arabia to the great city Babylon & by this flight changed her Metropolis. Her first Metropolis was the seven Candlesticks representing the \seven Churches represented by the/ seven Churches \cities/ of Asia \represented by the seven Candlesticks:/, her second was the great City seated on seven mountains in the wilderness \called the seven heads of the Beast./{sic} These mountains are literaly the seven hills on wch Rome was seated: mystically they are seven mountains \head/ cities highly exalted in dominion, the head cities of the seven kingdoms wch remained after three of the first ten, horns of the Beast Daniel's fourth Beast fell before the little horn. Mountains are put in second prophesy for cities, & as the four heads of the Leopard signify the four kingdoms into which the Greek Empire became divided after the reign of Alexander the great became divided \& wch are also represented by the four horns of the He-goat/; so the seven heads of the Beast in being called Mountains are the reigning cities of ye seven contemporary kingdoms of wch the Beast or \or horns represented by ye seven remaining/ horns of the Beast. From their first number they are called the {illeg} ten horns & ten kings & from their last the seven heads & seven horns mountains. The Woman in flying from the Temple on mount Sion, fled from the seven Candlesticks in that Temple wch are the seven Churches of Asia & ceased to be illuminated by their Lamps, & became the seven Churches of the Cities represented by the seven mountains & her people arriving at this new metropolis worshipped the king of Babylon & his golden Image & a new Temple is built for those \of the captivity/ who separate from the Idolaters & come out of great Babylon to worship the over living God of Israel, the building of wch Temple is thus described.

Rise & measure the Temple of God & the Altar & them that worship therein [that is their courts] but the court wch is wthout the Temple leave out & measure it not for it is given unto the Gentiles & the holy city shall they tread under foot forty & two months. And I will give power unto my two Witnesses & they shall prophesy 1260 days cloathed in sackcloth. These are the two Olive trees & the two Candlesticks standing before the God of the Earth. All wch is an allusion to Ezekiel's measuring the Temple in the time of the Babylonian captivity to signify that it should be rebuilt & to Zerubbabel's building the second Temple with its three courts the court of the Temple, the court of the & Altar & the court of them that worship therein called the Weomens court & leaving unbuilt the outward Court wch in Solomon's Temple had been the people's court & during all the reign of the Persians wch was 200 years continued unbuilt & was given to the Gentiles, so that when the Greeks rebuilt it, it was called the Gentiles court. And it alludes also to the prophesying of Haggai & Zechary at the building of the second Temple & to the two Olive trees wch in the prophesy of Zechary[1] empty them <2r> selves into the Candlestick of the Temple. Only instead of one Candlestick here are two to represent two Churches. For they are the two Witnesses & these witnesses in being called two Candlesticks & two Olive trees are two Churches. For Candlesticks are signify Churches (Apoc. 1. 20) & so do Olive trees (Rom 11. 17, 24.) And these are the Churches of the Earth & sea the Churches represented by the two leggs of the Son of Man who \in the form of an Angel/ set his right foot upon the earth sea & his left upon ye earth, the Churches of the nations represented by the two iron leggs of Nebuchadnezzar's image. \Western Roman Empire & of the Empire of Germany as above./ These Witnesses prophesy in the kingdom of the Beast because they are slain by him & lye dead in the streets of the great City wch for its spiritual fornication & uncleanness is called Sodom & for its \oppression &/ cruelty Ægypt & for its bloodshed of the saints the city great city where or in whose dominion our Lord was crucified that is Rome.

Before the division of the Roman Empire the whole was represented by the Dragon, & the Church of the whole by the twelve Tribes of Israel in the form of a Woman in the first Temple whose seven candlesticks with their lamps illuminating the whole Temple represent the seven Churches of Asia as the mother-churches from whence the light of the Gospel went forth into the Church Catholick of the primitive times \during the long life of the Apostle Iohn & the lives of his disciples/. But when the Empire becomes divided into the Greek & Latine Empires: that both Empires with their Churches fals & true may be distinctly represented, a Beast with ten horns rises out of the sea, another Beast with two horns rises out of the earth & a new Temple is built with two candlesticks. And henceforward the eastern Empire with its Churches false & true are represented by the Dragon, the twohorned Beast & the 144000 worshipping in the first Temple; & the Latine Empire with its Churches false & true are represented by the ten-horned Beast the Woman & the two Witnesses worshipping in the second Temple. And in each Temple the people of God worship in the inner Court & the Apostates in the Court without.

In the first Temple the 144000 worship in the inner Court standing wth the Lamb on mount Sion before the throne & before the Elders, as it were upon the sea of glass & singing with harps at the sacrifices. And the people of the Dragon & two horned Beast worship in the outward Court of this Temple being the seduced inhabitants of the earth & sea to whom the Dragon came down when he was cast out of heaven that is out of the upper court, the court of the Temple & Altar in wch the throne of God is placed. When he was cast out of that Court he came down into the outward court, the court of the people, the Christian people called the inhabitants of the earth & sea. By seducing these inhabitants he made the Woman fly into a spiritually barren Wilderness in the Latin Empire & the two horned Beast rise out of the Earth {illeg} in the Greek Empire; & then by the instigation of that Beast he made war upon the remnant of the twelve Tribes of Israel in the Greek Empire called the remnant of the womans seed, untill all were either killed or had received the mark \or name/ of the other Beast, except the 144000, who being sealed with the mark of out of the twelve tribes of Israel with the seale or name of God in their foreheads, & being interdicted buying & selling among the inha <3r> bitants of the earth & sea, retired from them into the inner Court.

In like manner the two Churches called the Witnesses worship in the inner court of the second Temple, & the people of the ten-horned Beast & Woman worship in the outward court thereof as is plainly exprest by saying, Measure the temple & altar & them that worship therein but the court wch is without the Temple leave out & measure it not for it is given to the Gentiles. When the Empire became divided & by means of that division the Woman separated from the remnant of her seed \& first Temple/ & fled from the Dragon into the Empire of the Latines, wch empire by reason of the paucity of saints \or the want of an Temple inward Temple/ is at this time compared to a spiritually barren wilderness; the two Churches \people of God/ fled with her being united to her in outward communion, & are not considered apart untill they separate from her. By this separation they return out of Babylon, build a second Temple & become the worshippers therein, but leave the outward court of this Temple unbuilt because it is given to the Gentiles that is to the Babylonians represented by the ten-horned Beast under the dominion of the Whore of Babylon. The first Temple is destroyed & not destroyed in several respects: in respect of the eastern empire it is continued without interruption tho not without a change in its worshippers; in respect of the western it ceases \leaves the Empire a wilderness spiritually barren wilderness,/ & a second Temple is built in its room. All that worshipped God in the first Temple desert his worship there except the 144000, & the two Churches being carried captive from thence to Babylon, return from thence captivity, build a second Temple & become the two Candlesticks therein.

The two Temples are sufficiently distinguished from one another by the different number of their candlesticks & different characters of their worshippers: but the worship is alike in them both. For the Beast & his Image are worshipped & his mark received by all the world, the fals Prophet & Dragon setting up that worship in the outward court of the first Temple: & therefore the worship in the outward courts of both Temples is alike. And the worship in the inner courts of both Temples is also alike, the worshippers being of one & the same religion & members of one & the same mystical body of Christ. As those in the second Temple are called Witnesses & Prophets so those in the first Temple are also Witnesses & Prophets. For they have the testimony of Iesus (Apoc. 12. 17) & are mystically killed for not worshipping the Image of the Beast (ch. 13. 15) & in respect of the great harvest of martyrs (ch. 14. 15) are called the first fruits unto God (v. 4) & therefore they are martyrs or witnesses. And they sing a new song with harps & in that respect are Prophets. For singing wth musical instruments is prophesying (1 Chron. 25. 1, 2, 3. 2 King. 3. 15. 1 Sam. 10. 5.) And in their mouth was found no lye (Apoc. 14. 5) & therefore they are true Witnesses & true Prophets. And as these Prophesy in the inner court of the first Temple by singing with harps at the sacrifices offered in that Temple so it is to be conceived that the two Witnesses prophesy in the inner court of the \second/ Temple by singing with harps at the sacrifices offered in this Temple. For they have power to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will, that is, with the plagues of the seven wars represented by the sacrifices at wch the seven trumpets sound. They consume their enemies with fire in the first war & turn the waters unto blood in the second, & therefore prophesy all the time of those sacrifices. They are \one of/ the two leggs of the son of Man who in the form of an Angel stands with his right foot on the sea & his left foot on the earth as was said above. They are \part of/ his mystical body & of the cloud with which he is cloathed, & their voice is the voice of that cloud uttering the seven thunders, wch thunders, as <4r> as {sic} was explained above are the song of the Temple thundering voices of the Levites singing with harps & other musical instruments at the seven sacrifices while the Priests sound the Trumpets alternately three times at every sacrifice & pour out the \drink-offerings called the/ seven vials of wrath. And in respect of the seven stars in the right hand of the son of man, the 144000 may be also comprehended in his mystical body & in the cloud wth wch he is cloathed \& be one of his leggs,/ & their voice of singing at the like sacrifices, may be also comprehended in the voices of the seven thunders. So then the worship in both Temples is one & the same in form, & has one & the same signification.

But tho the two Witnesses prophesy during all the seven sacrifices, yet it is not to be conceived that they prophesy all this time in sackcloth. When the idolatry of the Wilderness called by Daniel the Abomination of desolation is set up completely set up then the two Witnesses put on sackcloth. When the worshipping of Images of gold & silver & brass & wood & stone wch can neither see nor hear nor walk is completely set up & established, then the Gentiles to whom the outward court is given, begin to be Gentiles properly so called. And from that time the Gentiles tread under foot the holy City 42 months; from that time the Witnesses prophesy in sackcloth 1260 days; from that time the Woman is fed & nourished by the merchants of the earth in her place of honour in the Wilderness, and fares deliciously a time times & half a time & fares deliciously 1260 days; from that time the ten kings have one mind & agree & give their kingdom to the Beast, & the Beast acts 42 months with the Woman upon his back, wch dominion & dignity is her place where she is fed; from that time the little horn of Daniels fourth Beast, having rooted up three of the ten horns wch hindred his rise, & brought all the rest to submission, has times & laws given into his hand untill a time times & half a time. At first the ten kings are of different religions both from the Woman & from one another, whereby the two Witnesses have liberty of conscience for a time. These kings must all agree in religion & become of one mind & submit to the Womans dominion, & she must begin to trade wth the kings & great men of the earth by helping one another to Empires & Kingdoms & Principalities & Cardinals caps & Bishopricks & Abbies & Titles of honour & Privileges & Lands & Rents & Taxes & Pardons & Dispensations & Indulgences \& Oaths & Allegiance/ & Masses & Reliques of saints & Sermons for supporting this profitable religion: & by means of this trade she must begin to be fed & nourished by Peter's Patrimony \& Church lands/ & Tyths &c and then the two Witnesses begin to prophesy in sackcloth. When the Pope \was threatened by the Lombards &/ wanted the assistance of the Franks he deposed Childeric a sloathfull Prince & gave the kingdom of France to Pipin: and Pipin & his son Charles the great in recompence gave Peter's Patrimony & other rich presents to the Pope; & Charles compelled his subjects also to receive the Roman Liturgy & gave tyths to the Roman Clergy throughout his kingdom, & upon a commotion raised at Rome against the Pope went thither to resettle him, & when the Popes adversaries expected to have been heard, the Pope was declared above all humane judicature & in recompence made Charles Emperor of the West & Charles made the Popes new subjects in Peter's patrimony swear allegiance to him as their Lord & at his coronation took this oath to the Pope. In nomine Christi spondeo atq polliceor Ego N. Imperator coram Deo [2] & beato Petro Aposto {sic}, me protectorem ac defensorem fore hujus sanctæ Romanæ Ecclesiæ in omnibus utilitatibus quatenus divino fultus fuero adjutorio prout sciero poteroq. Such was the trade & commerce by wch the merchants of the earth were made rich & the Woman was nourished & the Kings of the earth lived deliciously with the great Whore.


and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads: & that [all others being excommunicated] no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark of the Beast or the name of the Beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdome. Let him that hath understanding count the number [of the name] of the Beast: for it is the number [of the name] of a man: & his number is {illeg} six hundred sixty & six x 666. It was customary among the heathens to mark soldiers wth ye name or symbol of their kings or Commanders, servants wth ye {illeg} name or symbol of their masters, & the worshipping of ye \heathen/ Gods wth ye name or symbol of the God whom they worshipped or wth the name abbreviated or couched under the number made up of the numeral letters. And these marks were made in the forehead or neck or breast or hand or arm sometimes by burning sometimes by making coloured punctures in the flesh & sometimes only by staining the flesh wth {blood} \a/ colour. And in opposition to this custome Moses commanded the Iews t Israelites that they should not make an print any mark upon themselves Levit. 19.28. so that ye custome was very ancient. {illeg} Such a mark was the figure of an ivy leaf imprest upon the worshippers of Bacchus & such another mark is the signe of the cross when used in a superstitious manner {illeg} in nomine Patris & Filij & spiritus sancti where used to scare away the Devil or to cure diseases or to {illeg} sanctify a man or fortify him against harm. And such another mark is symbol is the number 666. or being \For this is/ the number of the name ΛΑΤΕΙΝΟΣ wch is the name of a man & the most proper name of the Beast, he being the Latine & the D\r/agon the Greek Empire, & the Churches of these Empires being distinguished by the names of the Latine & Greek Churches. And of the same kind are the names of blasphemy upon ye heads of the Beast. that is the names of his Gods To express the distinction made at this And when the s time between the servants of God & the worshippers of the Beast, the one are said to be sealed the with the seal of God the other marked with the name mark or name or number of the Beast. || And \Now/ as soon as this markin sealing & marking was finished I & the seven Angels with the Trumpets were ready to sound Iohn looked & lo a Lamb stood on the mount Sion having & with him an hundred & forty & four thousand having his name & his fathers name written in their foreheads. These \are the remnant of the Womans seed whom the Dragon went to persecute. These/ are the 144000 who were sealed above \in their foreheads/ out of \{illeg}/ the 12 tribes of Israel with the seale of God, wch seal is here explained to be the names of the Lamb & the name of his father. They are therefore the whole Church of Christ wch remains at \during/ the sounding of the Trumpets, & the objects of their worship are {God} & the Lamb {illeg} and his father. Some copies \Greek copies of the Apocalyps/ omit the Lamb but other very old ones have it, & that very truly. For in the beginning of this Prophesy where the true worship is delineated, they first worship \{illeg}/ {God Almi} the {illeg} father of God almighty or the Throne saying old for a creating them saying Holy, holy, holy Lord God almighty which was & is & is to come – Thou art worthy, O Lord to receive glory & honour & power: for thou hast created all things and for thy pleasure they are & were created. And then the Lamb appears & up{illeg}on his receiving the Prophesy of this Book from {illeg} God they fall down before the Lamb & worship him for redeeming them, saying Thou art worthy to take the book & to open the seales thereof: for thou wast slain & hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred & tongue & people & nation. & has And again, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power & riches & wisdom & strength & honour & glory & blessing. And again, blessing & honour & glory & power be unto him that sitteth upon the throne & {illeg} unto the Lamb for ever & ever.

And Iohn heard a voice \[of singing]/ from heaven as the voice of many waters [or {illeg} \much people/] & as the voice of a great thunder \of a/ & he heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps: & they sung as it were a new song before the throne & before the four Beasts & the Elders [& by consequence in the middle of the Temple] & no man could learn that son during but the 144000 wch were redeemed from the earth This was \singing/ was therefore that music of the \{lake found on &} {illeg} thundring & harping/ Temple {illeg} & by consequence was <6r> performed at the sacrifices & intermixt with the sounding of \the seven/ Trumpets \of the seven Third days Trumpets/ & answers to the voices of the seven thunders. And therefore since the 144000 appeared on mount Sion at that time when the seven Angels were wth the Trumpets were preparing to sound, this \\their the during/ voices of singing & harping must be the Temple/ singing must be the musick intermixt with the sounding of those Trumpets & \the same song with that/ represented above by the voices of the seven Thunders.

These are they who are not defiled with weomen, like the rest who have the mark of the Beast & commit fornication with the Whore of Babylon. These are they which follow the Lamb whether soever he goeth, that is, they follow his doctrine \& walk in the light./{sic} These were redeemed from among men being the first fruits unto God & to the Lamb, that is, in respect of the harvest wch the Son of Man afterwards reaps wth a sharp sickle. And in their mouth was found no lye [as in the mouth of the false Prophet] for they are not [true Prophets] without fault. being the two Witnesses wch prophesy 1260 days in sackcloth.

Of the two Witnesses.
The Second \Book & second/ Temple
The Temple in the Apocalyps

As there was a first & second Temple in Ierusalem so there is a first & second Temple in the Apocalyps. \& as the second \Zerubbabels/ Temple was built without an outward Court, so was the second Temple in the Apocalyps: Leave the outward court & measure it For measuring is a type of building (Zech. 1. 16 & 2. 2, 4) & Ioh{n} is bidden to leave out the outward Court & measure it not/ The first Temple stands till the opening of the seventh seal \during the prophesy of the sealed \first/ book wch was sealed & opened by \wch/ the Lamb opens/ the second continues till about the first during the founding of the first six Trumpets. \stands during the prophesy of the second book wch was open & is called a little book./ The four Beasts \representing the twelve tribes/ worship in the outward Court of the first Temple, the Gentiles in the outwards court of the second. And In the first are seven lamps burning in seven golden Candlesticks, in the second are only two. The seven Candlesticks are a type are a type of the seven Churches of Asia & those Churches joyntly & severally are a type of all the Churches of Christ within the compass of the prophesy of the first book \that is of all those who worship in the first Temple:/ The twoo Candlesticks are a type of two churches called two Prophets & two Witnesses & these two prophets are a joyntly & severally are a type of all those that worship in the second Temple. that of the that is to say of all those who in the day of the fa{illeg} \prophesy of the first Temple Book/ were sealed out of the twelve tribes of Israel who worshipped in the first Temple in the day of the Expiation, & \in the interpretation of that Prophesy/ stood upon Mount Sion with the Lamb. The prophesy of the first Temple is the subject of the first book wch was sealed & whose seales were The prophesy of the second Book which is called a little Book & appears open in the Angels hand is a repetition \latter part of so much of/ of the Prophesy of the first Book opened /after\ that is that is after the opening of the last seal, & the prophesy of the second Temple follows the opening that Book is opened from the time that all the seals are \And particularly is a repetition of the prophesy of the first/ opened {illeg} The seven Thunders are a repetition of the prophesy of the seven Trumpets. Th [The seven Trumpets sound \And the Prophesy of the second Temple is a at the sacrifices {illeg} repetition of the prophesy of the first/ in the seven days of the feast of Tabernacles celebrated \annually/ in the first Temple, & the seven Thunders utter their voices \at the \same/ sacrifices/ the seven days of the \same/ feast of Tabernacles celebrated in the second Temple] \annually/ {illeg} And \For/ the measuring of the Temple & Alter & then that worship therein {illeg} & leaving the outward court unmeasured is a repetition type of building a second Temple without an outward Court like the as was done by the Iews at their return from captivity. & the \And as/ prophesy of this Temple is a repetition of the prophesy of the first. & The \For/ a the seven Trumpets sound at the sacrifices in ye seven days of the feast of Tabernacles celebrated annualy in the first Temple so it is to be conceived that the seven thunders utter their voices at the same sacrifices in the seven days of the same feast of Tabernacles celebrated annually in the second Temple opened by the Lamb: & the prophesy of the second Temple is ye subject of the second Book wch is called a little book & was \appeared/ open in the Angels hand. And as the Prophesy of the first book in the time of ye 7th & seal was as double one, conteining first the prophesy of the sealed saints & the Palm-bearing multitude & ye then the synchronal prophesy of the seven Trumpets; so the prophesy of the second book is a double one conteining first the prophesy of the seven thunders & then \the synchronal/ prophesy of the two witnesses \measured saints/, & these

[1] Zech. 4

[2] Sigon. de Regno Ital. l. 4. Arc. 801.

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