before his coming without \any material alteration/ his only difference that is In the synagogues |{depriving} the Gentiles the Rulers of {illeg} the Synagogues or Elders of the Synagogue| of the Iews the Elders or Rulers had had the power of licencing {illeg} men to preach in the \Synagogue/ (Acts 13.15) & thence they are in the new Testament called \also/ Pastors and Bishops Bishops overseers \& Pastors/ or bishops \Acts 20.17, 28/ for the names of Elders & Bish But And the Apsotles being sent to preach the gospel to all nations, the dignity of a preacher of {sic} |or| teacher was \by the first Christians more honourable than/ esteemed greater then that of a Ruler of a Synagogue. God hath set some in the Church, first Apostles, then teachers secondarily Prophets thirdly teachers, after that miracles then gifts of healing helps governments diversities of tongues. 1 Cor 12.28. He gave some Apostles & some Prophets & some evangelists & some Pastors & Teachers Eph. 4.11. The order of Pastors & teachers is here placed below the orders of Apostles & above that of Governments.

And accordingly the Rulers \or elders/ of \a/the Iewish Synagogue had autho

The Rulers or Elders of the a Iewish \Iewish/ Synagogue of ye Iews had authority to authorize whom they thought fit to preach in their Synagogue

And accordingly the Rulers of every Iewish synagogue ha

Nor had the Rulers of the Synagogue \only/ authority only to teach prea teach the people \themselves/ but also to give leave to others to \teach them/ do it (Act. 13.15) And hence the Rulers Now there being one chief Ruler of every Syna or Elders were also called Pastours \of the flock/ & {illeg} Overseers of the flock. So the Elders or Presbyters of the Church of Ephesus Act 20.17 are called Overseers or Bishops of the the flock who feed the Church of Christ vers. 28. And when the Apostle teaches the duty \and obligation/ of bishops and Deacons 1 Tim 3 & {illeg} that a bishop should be apt to teach & able to rule well; \Tim 3/ {illeg} by Bishops \& Deacons/ he understands all the Presbyters & Deacons, And when including the Bishops among the Presbyters. For every bishop is a Presbyter |And in the same sence he writes to the bishops & deacons at Philippia Philip. 1.1| . And \so/ when he saith to Titus: For this cause left I three in Creet that thou shouldest set in order things that are wanting & ordein elders in every city, if any be blameless – for a bishop must be blameless as the steward of God (Tit. 1.5, 6, 7) he uses the names of the Elders & Bishops \promiscuously/ in one & ye same sence, every elder in his language being a Bishop & every Bishop an Elder

But its to be understood that {illeg} the synagogues of the Iews had a chief Ruler (Acts 18.8, 17) \or Presidents of the council of Pres Elders,/ & this chief Ruler was superior to the Chazan & ye highest officer of ye Synagogue being superior to the Chazan. For the Talmudists tell us that on the day of expiation, the chief Chazan of the Synagogue wch was in ye Temple {illeg} neare the Court in the mountain of the Temple, gave th took the book of the law \belonging to the synagogue/ & gave it to the Ruler of the Synagogue & the Ruler gave it to the Sagan or Ruler of the Temple, an officer next in dignity to the High Priest & the Ruler of the Temple Sagan gave it to the High{sic} Priest. {illeg} Now this chif {sic} Ruler being President of the Council of Presbyters & Overseer of the whole Synagogue including board of the Council, he was in a short time distinguished from the rest of the board Council by calling him emphatically, \& by way of honour/ the President, the Pastor & the Overseer or Bishop of the Parish or Diocess of the Synagogue, & \by/ giving only the names of \Elders or/ Presbyters to the rest of the Council. So Clemens who was made Bishop of Rome by the Apsotles, in his first Epistle to the Corinthians, \{(Sect 21)}/ distinguishes them by the names of Presidents \Chief Rulers/ & {illeg} Presbyters Elders, saying let us reverence τοὺς προηγουμένους ἡμων our chief Rulers or Presidents, & let us honour our Elders or Presbyters, & let us teach our young men the discipline of the fear of God. And \yet/ a little after he comprehends the the chif {sic} Rulers & Elders under the common name of Bishops. The Apostles, saith he, preaching throughout the regions & cities constituted the first fruits of thereof (after they had proved them in the spirit) into bishops and Deacons of those that were to beleive. Nor was this a new thing: For before many ages {illeg} \it/ was written concerning Bishops and Deacons. For thus the scripture somewhere speaks: I will constitute their Bishops in justice & their Deacons in faith.


March the 4th 1709


I haue examined the Church wardens booke & find the Rate to be 3d ꝑ pound, & that yr house is Charged att 50l ꝑ Annū which is 12.s 6.d but this Assessmt is for a yeare Com̄encing from Lady day last, but you entering but at March you are to pay but 6s. 3d. for halfe the yeare

I am


Yr most humble


I Blow

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