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A Letter to the Reverend Mr John Flamstead
Concerning His Astronomical Observations
sent by the Royal Society for that purpose

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The Committee of the Royal Society appointed for that purpose, finding You have not deliverd to them a Copy of Your last Years Observations, according to the Direction of Her Majesties most Gracious Letter of the 12th. of December 1710. do hereby demand Your compliance therewith, and now the Six Months allowed You being Elapsed, let You know, that they expect You will send Your Observations to the Societies House in Crane-Court, according to the Meaning of the said Letter.

We are

Yo{illeg}|r| mo{illeg}|s|t humble Sevts.

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Is. Newton P.R.S.

Hans Sloane

R. Mead.

Edm: Halley.

Abr. Hill.

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To The Reverend
    Mr John Flamsted
at the Royal Observatory
        at Greenwich


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Memorand: this is an Exact Copy of a Letter which I delivered to Mr. Flamsted Yesterday (July 4. 1712) at the Royal Observatory: who returned this Answer, that he would cause an Copy to be taken {of his} last Years Observations, and send them accordingly to the {Royal} Society b{illeg}|y| Michaelmasse next.

{J. Thorpe}

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July. 1712

No 6

Enter'd. LB. Vol. 1{{illeg}|5|}

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