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(Enter'd LB. 7. 279.)

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Novemb 30. 1675.


I intended to have sent you ye papers this week but upon reviewing them it came into my mind to w{illeg}|ri|te another little scrible to accompany them: y|Y|ou may expect 'em ye next week. An ancient Gentleman I met at one of yor Assemblies (whose name I cannot recollect,) being thick of hearing desired me to inquire after ye form of Mr Mace's Otocousticon a Musitian here; but he has not been in town since I came from London, but is somewhere in London about printing a book of Musi. Yet ye last week I had opportunity to inquire after it of his son & he tells me the form is this. A ye smal end to put into ye ear Figure BC ye length suppose two foot CD ye wide end suppose about eight inches over. The tube BDC tapers all ye way almost eavenly like a cone {illeg} only at ye great orifice CD widens more, like ye end of a Trumpet. H{illeg}|e|{illeg} has of several sizes. The biggest do ye best. If you can't reccollect who ye Gentleman may be I suppose Mr Hill can tell you, for I think Mr Hill was by when ye Gentleman spake to me, & ye Gentleman desir'd me to write to either Mr Hill or you about it.

Yors in hast

Is. Newton


For Henry Oldenburg Esqꝫ
at his house about ye middle
of ye Old Pal-mal in




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Mr Newton Letter to Mr Oldenb. concerning \ye figure of/ Mr Maces's Otocousticon.

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Ce sont des Lettres {registrees}, mais non pas encore revuës.

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