July 3{illeg}|0|th 1672


The last week I wrote to you that ye Metall wch you sent me was well for closenesse & hardnesse but yet of a colour not very brisque & inclinig|n|g to red. However if it be less apt to tarnish then any other metall \mixture/ yet known, that will sufficiently recompense ye other imperfections. Yors of July 16th {illeg}|d|irected to Stoake is not yet come to my hands. I feare it is miscarried, & desire therefore you would favour me wth ye particulars wch were in answer to yt troublesome letter written last from Stoake, for wch I begg yor pardon. I send you by John Stiles 13s for thi|e|s \last/ quarter.

Yor humble Servant




To Henry Oldenburg Es
at his house about the middle
of the old Pall-Maile in


wth 13s.

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Rec. July 31. 72.

Answ. eodem. and repeated ye contents of my Letter of July 16.

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Send by Styles at ye Green Drag\on/ in Bishopsgat on Thursday.

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