<113v> [1]

The Deponent Iohn Holland deposeth that abot. 3 yeares since or above he did wth. one Iohn Abbot go to see one Arthur Gardner who then lived near Westmr Abby when they came to the said Gardner's house Gardner called up Abbot and in some litle tyme afterwards this Deponent and shewed them a Press which he was coyning Gineas {sic} with

This Deponent likewise deposeth that he hath oftentimes sold clippings for the said Gardner and yt he hath often seen one Iames Blundell clipp and coyn old money at one Mrs. Langford's who then kept the Red Lyon in the old Iury and that the said Langford's daughter with one Hanah or martha Cooke with one Robt Wells who was executed for clipping did work with the said Blundell and that since the said Wells was executed he did see the said Blundell cast old money which was abot. 3 years and odd months since

And that abot. 4 years since he did see one Charles Morley who then had taken the Shepherd Tavern in Cheapside coyn a mill'd King Iames's shilling by casting at his house up staires before he was quite settled but upon the Newes that Robt. Wells was taken up the said Morley did gett this Depont to cary his Tooles to Iohn Abbots but Abbot's wife refusing to take them in they were afterwards lodged with a Poulterer that lived next door to the said Abbots Gate

And yt. abot. 4 yeares since he hath seen one Thomas Clay and his wife who then kept a Hosiers ship near Smithfield Barrs clip and coyn old money and that the sd Clay being impeached by one Whitebread he did himselfe with one Collins at this Deponts house untill Clay made his escape for Holland And that he hath often been one Hector Thomas abot. 3 yeares and a half ago clipp in his Master Iohn Abbot's house And that he hath seen one Nicho Charleton coyn old money and his wife clipp at a Gardiner's house in Lambeth's March abot 4 yeares since And that one Elizabeth Wilson took a room of this Deponent and that one Ioseph Simpson did come often to this Wilson with broad money and they used to clip it in the said Wilsons room as this Deponent hath often seen them

And that for many yeares he hath known one Thomas Atkinson and his wife to be Clippers and Coyners he having seen them clipp and coyn Old money and new money and Gineas {sic} And that abot. 2 yeares ago he and the said Atkinson did agree to go to Ireland to coyn as may appear by a letter the said Atkinson writt to this Deponent in Lancashire but the Depont. comeing for Dublin was ꝑswade to make a Discovery of Coyners which comeing to the ear of the said Atkinson prevented him from comeing to Ireland

the mark of
Ino Holland

[2] <114r>

Iohn Holland further deposeth that abot. 2 yeares and 3 months since he being with one Thomas Atkinson his wife and a yorkshire man in Spitle Fields whom this Depont. thinks went by the name of Robinson the said Atkinson telling his wife that he and his friend Robinson had 2 nights before at the Blackhorse in Goodmans fields where they were forced to pawn their Coates for ye Recconing and there arising a Dispute between Atkinson and Robinson {as} who should go for the Coates at last Robinson agreed to go for them who no sooner had got to the black horse but he was seized by one Morris a messengr. there being with Morris one            who was Atkinson's Mistres who had made Oath yt. Atkinson did coyn a Ginea {sic} and shilling she had of the sd Atkinson and she bid the said Morris take notice of Atkinson's Coat so that morris might know Atkinsons by that Coat as this Depont was informed by Atkinson's wife this Depont. was likewise informed in some litle time afterwards by the said Mrs Atkinson that the said Robinson was kept in custody 4 dayes by the said Morris and then discharged upon Morris's receiving of 40 Gineas {sic} from the said Mrs. Atkinson and that his wife told him at Dublin in Ireland that the aforesaid mrs Atkinson told her in London that her husband Thomas Atkinson to was taken into custody by the aforesaid Morris in Octobr. 1697 and that is cost him thirty Gineas {sic} to gett off againe which money was paid to the persons that took him in custody

And that he hath seen one Chuter who keeps a Piece Brokes shopp in Cloth fair change broad money with Thomas Atkinson and that the said Thomas Atkinson allowed the said Chuter sometimes 3s., 3s 6d and four shillings in the pound abot. 4 years agoe

And that 4 yeares and 12 he did carry severall summes of money for one Ce{p}ar Life a Furrier to one Robt. Answorth for the use of Richard White and the said Answorth allowed this Depont 4s ꝑ pd for the said broad money

And that he hath often changed money with one Capt Whitfield the husband of Vrsula Whitfield who was Convicted abot. 5 yeares since for clipping and that the said Whitfield did allow this Depont. 4s ꝑ pound exchange And that he hath often seen one Iohn Gurney and Caleb Fowler a Goldsmith change divers summs of broad money with the said Capt Whitfield and that said Whitfield allowed Fowler and Gurney 4s ꝑ pound for broad money

And that abot. a Month before Midsomer in the year 1699\5/ he being in company with one Fielding at the 3 Tunns in Wood street who was then one of the Sherriffes officers the Depont. being complaining that things went cross with him Field swore God damn him he thought that the \Depont/ know the World better then to complain, The recconing being called the Depont paying two broad 6 pences the said Field pulld out of his pockt. a pair of large scissors which he said he had been trimming his horse wth the said Field imediatly katching up the two 6pences clipt them before this Depont. telling him that was ye way to live afterwards turning up the Carpett the said Field rubbd them smooth on the Table and <114v> paid them in the recconing— And that abot. this time 2 yeares at a place called Denton in Lancashire he contracted an acquaintance with one Thomas Lee of the Bick Banck who was impeached by one Francis Bayly of the same place abot. 4 yeares since for coyning with many others who still remain in the same ꝑish divers of whom still continue to hold their Illegall practises of coyning as this Depont. was informed by his brother Thomas Holland of the aforesaid Denton this Depont. often discoursing with Lee abot. coyning the said Lee told told {sic} this Depont. that if he would stay with them till winter he would shew this Depont. as fine a figure behind the Curtain as ever he saw in London in his life the said Lee meaning relating to coyning the said Lee having a litle before put off severall false pieces of counterfeit Gold 2 of which pieces the Depont. see which were done in a press silver well guild with an edging of Gold round it and the said Lee being threatned to be troubled if he did not change the said counterfeit Gold this Depont ꝑswaded the said Lee to change it but the Depont could not prevail with him to do it

the mark of
Ino Holland


[1] 239.

[2] Iurt augt 1 1699
   Is Newton

[3] Iurat augt. 3d. 1699 coram
Is Newton

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