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The Informacon of Francis Pearce of Shrewsbury in ye County of Salop Clothworker 20th. Iuly 1699

Who saith that the day after St. Andrews day last past he sold a Cow in Shrewsbury and one William Fosbrooke who keeps the Mytre Inn there paid this Informt. for the said Cow in Gineas {sic} and this Informt questioning whether they were good ones or not the said Fosbrooke said that they were good for yt this Informant's Couzen one Thomas Iordan who lives in the Councill house at Shrewsbury made the said Gineas {sic}, and ye sd Thomas Iordan the same day did own to this Informt. that he made the said Gineas {sic} himself And one Richard Swift brother of the said Iordan and dwells in the same house with Iordan hath severall times ownd and declared to this Informt. yt he the said Swift and his brother Iordan had made counterfeit Gineas {sic} severall times togeather and yt his said brother Iordan cheated him for yt he let him have the worst Gineas {sic} and kept the best for himself and that one Richard Downes a Labourer who lives in Castle Foregate in Shrewsbury used to assist the said Iordan and Swift frequently to make counterfeit Gineas {sic} as he declared to this Informt. and one             Chambers who is appntice to the said Swift did oftentimes declare and own to the same to this Informt that Downes did And one Eliz Roberts who is a Servt to the said Roberts Iordan hath told this Informt. that her {maste{r}} Iordan and the said Swift have made false Gineas {sic} in her sight And that one Samuel Hughes who lives at Shrewsbury + is a Mill Wright told this Informt yt he made a Mill for ye sd Iohan but wt sort of Mill it was the sd Hughes did not declare

the mark of
Fran. Pearce


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[2] Iurat Iuly 20 99 cor
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