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The Informacon of Martha Tanner of the ꝑish of St. Gyles in the Fields in the County of Middx 2d. September 1699

Who saith that Mr. Hughes who is now in custody did buy severall quantityes of old counterfeit money and gave after the rate of 29s. of good money for 40s. of counterfeit money and yt ye Informt hath seen the said Hughes put or pay the same away into his Majtys. Exchec as good money and this Informt doth believe that the said Mr. Hughes did buy + pay away the said counterfeit money as aforesaid abot. 4 yeares ago and that abot. a month ago she heard one Roger Bentley who lives in the said ꝑish of St. Gyles (and buyes old Clothes and ends of Gold and Silver) say that he the said Hughes would give {illeg}8d for a counterfeit shilling rather yn go without it

Martha Tanner


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[2] Iurat et
     Is Newton

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