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The Examinacon of Mary Hill als Yarley 10 Mar: 16989

who saith that on May day last abot. 4 of the clock in the afternoon this Examt. found in Fanchurch street one and Twenty six pences wrapt up in a piece of paper and took them home to her house at Kidlington in the ꝑish of Lambeth and of Wednesday last this Examt. came over the water into the ꝑish of St. Anns and brought with her one Ellen Cooper a Girle of abot 9 yeares old the daughter of one Mr. Cooper a Neighbor of hers formerly in Goodman's fields and as this Examt. and the sd Girle were going togeather in a street near Soho square the said Girle desired this Examt. to give her some money to buy a Cake with and this Examt did give to the said Girle one of the said Six pences which she found in Fanchurch street as aforesaid with which the said Girle bought a penny Cake and returned the Exchange of the said {illeg}|S|ix pence to this Examt in half pence and farthings and this Examt did a litle afterwards upon the same day send the Girle aforesaid to a Chandlers Shop near the said Soho to buy a Loaf of bread either a penny or half penny loaf and gave to the sd Girle another of the said six pences which she this Examt found in Fanchst|Ch|urch as aforesaid to pay for the said bread but the people of the said shop finding the said Sixpence to be a counterfeit one stopt the Girle who telling them that she had the said Six pence of this Examt. there upon this Examt. was apprehended and carryed before Sr. Michaell Cole who Committed her a Prisoner to the Gatehouse and the people who apprehended this Examt. did upon Searching of her find in her custody 19 of the said Six pences and the reason why she sent the Girle with a Sixpence to buy a loaf as aforesaid when she had farthings + half pence was in order to try Whether the said Sixpences were good ones or not and that the reason of her comeing over the water from home was to see one Mrs Brookes a Widdow who lives in Lucknar's Lane near Drury Lane and that she was going to Kidlington aforesaid from the said Luknars Lane when she was apprehended near Soho but why she went that way she does not know And that on Fryday last she <91r> went to see Mr Cooper and his wife of Lemon street in Goodmans fields in order to get them to borrow some money for her and on her return home found the said 6 pences in Fanchurch str as aforesd


the mark of
Mary Hill

[1] 186

[2] Capt. March 10 16989
coram Is Newton

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