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The Examinacon of Susanna Broadhurst 7th. 16989

She saith abot. 19 or 11 o'th clock ith morning of that day on which the Examt + Mr Lawson + Mr Iohnson were taken up and brought before me she + mr Lawson having been abroad for 3 or 4 houres returned home to their Lodgings at mr Dickinson's a Taylor in Fryar street in Black Fryars {and} as soon as they came into their Lodging room which was up two pair of staires they found the said Iohnson not standing in the said Room but sitting on the Harth with his Leggs toward ye fire and the Tongs in his hands and as they stood at the Door looking on him in that posture he took the pot off the fire with the Tongs + poured molten metall out of it into the Flask + while he was pouring she and mr Lawson came forwards in pouring it in and a while after the said Iohnson opened the Flask and mr Lawson upon seeing a false Ginea {sic} saying that mr Iohnson would bring them all to be hangued and Iohnson thereupon took away the Flaskes + other coyning Tooles + put them into a Dung hill upon {Float} Bitch in sight of the Examt. she saith also that after she and <87v> Mr Lawson came in and standing at the Door found Iohnson sitting on the harth before the fire as is above menconed the said Iohnson did not blow the fire nor had or took the Bellows into his h{illeg}|a|nd nor did any body blow the fire but had the tonges in his hand and twith them presently took the Melting pot off the fire whilst the Examt. and Mr. Lawson stood at ye Door

Susan Broadhurst


[1] 180

[2] Capt. die et anno preedict coram
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