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The Informacon of Richard Harrison of the ꝑish of St Leonard Shoredith in the County of Middx Tobacconist 5 Iune 1699

Who saith that one Ellenr Grainger of an uncertain Habitacon used frequently within this 12 year last to come to this Informts. Shop in the Long Walk near the Hospitall in Smithfield to drink Brandy and after severall times comeing there she told this Informt. and one Richard Baker who is now a Prisoner in Newgate for making false money <84v> that a person's life (whose name was Riccaby) was in her hands and that she could help the sd Baker or this to work with the said Riccaby in making false money But afterwards the said Grainger promissed to learn the said Baker and this Informant to make false money but the sd Grainger being afterward put into prison for Theft she did not come to this Informant's said shop But this Informt, the said Baker and one Iohn Haly (who is now a Prisoner in the Compter for Debt) took a Garret in St. Martins Le Grand in order to make counterfeit money in and in the beginning of Aprill or the latter end of March last past the said Richard Baker Iohn Haly + this Informt. did blanch some Copper in the said Garret in order to make it into counterfeit money and did try there to make false Mill'd money vizt. Shillings and Sixpences and the said Baker moulded the Flasks with the Impressions of such money but they could not make the Metall run well into the Mould so as to make money which would pass for Current and that abot. 6 weeks ago the said Baker and this Informt. made counterfeit money of pewter by casting shillings and six pences in St. Martins Le Grand in the Lodging room of Thomas Dee a Sho'maker who was assistant to them in filing the said counterfeit money and that mrs Bell had some of this counterfeit money for a hood which this Informt. bought of her at her Lodging room in Church Lane in the ꝑish of St. Gyles in the fields And that abot. a month ago the said Baker and this Informt. made counterfeit money of pewter by casting shillings and sixpences at the said Lodging room of Thomas Dee aforesd who was then in the room where they made the sd false money but did not assist them in doing it and that upon Fryday was sennight (the day that Baker was apprehended) this Informt. saw in a Clossett belonging to the said room of Thomas Dee aforesaid (where the sd Baker and his sister and her husband Thomas Dee above menconed were at that time) {a} Flask ready Moulded with <85r> severall Impressions of Milld shillings in order to cast counterfeit money in {illeg}|as| this Informt. doth believe and as Baker did then declare

And this Informt. further saith That in February last past the sd Ellenr. Grainger did (in order to teach this Informt. and the said Baker to make counterfeit money try to cast half pence at this Informants said Shop in long Walk but could not make the Metall run well into the Mould

Richard Harrison


[1] 173

[2] Iurat die et anno preedict Coram
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