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The Informacon of Ann Duncomb of Black check ally in East Smithfield Spinstr 5 Feb: 16989

She saith that abot a month before last Christmas she being a Servt. to Mr Iohn Lawson at the blew ball in Boswell{.} Court near to Clemt's. Inn was sent upstaires by mrs Lawson abot. 7 or 8 a clock to put the Children to Begg and going up two pair of stairs backwards she found in the Bed Chamber the said mr. Iohn Lawson and one Bazill Turton a Taylor whom the said Lawson employd. to go on Errands and in the Chimney was a great Charcoal fire and the floor between the Bed and Chimney was strewed with ashes and the Two men tood before the fire with their back to it so that she could not see what ws in the Chimney besides the fire and as soon as she had laid the Child down upon the Bedd the said Lawson bid her be gone and send her Mrs. up and he would put the child into Bedd And theInformt. did so. and that about three weeks or a month ago upon the said Lawson's removing from Boswell's Court to Wildstreet where he lodged last the said Bazill Turton being left alone went to one Shawe's a Smith to lodge and comeing to the Informant's mother's house askt the Informt. if she did not remember such a time when she went up staires to put the Children to bed and she replying she did and asking him why he menconed it he replyd. that her master the said Lawson was then making of Gineas {sic} and upon her comeing up{illeg} had made a parcell which were so hott that he was forced to throw themabot. the floor and throw ashes over them not having time todispose of them better and the said Bazill asked the Informt. if she did not observe ashes on the floor and she told him that she did and the said Bazill told the Informant further yt when she sent her mrs. up the said Iohn Lawson beat her for sending the Informant up to him unawares

And that abot. a week or 10 dayes before the said Lawson left Boswell Court mr. Turton came up into the Lodging Room and felt in the Corner of the Chimney above for something and the Informant pulling him by theArm he went down again + ye Informt looking in the same corner found a Copr farthing silvered ovr wth. ye Impression of a shill head on one side

the mark of
Ann Duncomb


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[2] Iurat die +
            Is Newton

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