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The Informacon of Cecilia Labree 6th. Feby 16989

She saith that in last may was 12 month Iohn S|K|iston who keeps the Coffee house at the stair head in giving into the Court of requests came to her then being in Newgate under sentance of Condemnacon and prompted her to save her self by confession and for making her confession more effectuall told her that William Chaloner and Bellamy who kept a victualling house near Westmr. Hall had then a Coyning Press at Chiswisk and that chaloner and Bellamy were then concerned to togeather in making Gineas {sic} there and had me{et}ings at the Flask Tavern by charing cross kept by one Clark And wn. the Informt. told the said Kistell that she could not discover this without discovering him that he answered that yn he would bring in Cary a weigher in the Excheqr. for putting into the Exchequer counterfeit money which the said Giston had of the Informt. after the rate of 30s. for 20s. and told the Examt. that he gave Cary 2s. ꝑ pound for putting it into the Excheqr. and that the said Gifton desired the Informt. not to discover the setting up of her Press in his house for coyning of Gineas {sic} and that she finished severall ꝑcells of Counterfeit money in the Garrett of the said Gifton abot. 2 yeares and a halfe ago and the said Gifton sometimes helpt her to finish it there abot. the same time or soon after the Informt. sett up her said Press for coyning of Gineas {sic} in the house of the said Gifton and that in trying to make {some} impressions it broke and was thence carryed to the Deponts house at Mor{illeg}|t|elock up the River thence to Laloos where it was mended and from thence to the house of Saunders at Peterson and from thence to the Informts house in Westmr. where it as taken upon the Informt and that the sd Giston told her that there was a Mill in Southwark + confessed that he had been concerned {in} it but where the said Mill was the sd Gifton would not dis{irne}{cirn}

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