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The Informacon of Mary Miller 7 Feb: 16989

She saith That Thomas Cook als Barker Francis Burton William Walker and Richard Dawson are in a Confederacy to coyn in a house in Iesuits Ground in the Savoy taken for that purpose by the said Will Walker and intend to coyn Crownes and half Crownes of Copper by plating + Stamping and shillings and sixpences of Whole Metall by casting and that the sd Burton is to edge this money and the Informt to help them to put it off and that the said Walker supplys them with money and is to be repaid wn. their Dessignes is brought to perfection and that Walker bought 30l worth of Silver of                  Goldsmith in Cheapside near Stocks markt. for ym. to work upon and the Goldsmith is to help them off with their Counterfeit money and has told that he shall want 300l thereof and yt. Burton's wife is to scowre and neale the small money and has told the Informt. that she must help her and she will tell her how and that they intend to beginn this week and designed to have begunn last munday night had not the sd Walker falen {sic} sick of the Mezells and that Walker pays the house rent and has paid a quarter's Rent before hand

Mary Miller


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
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