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The Informacon of Elizabeth Green 6 Dec: 1698

This Examt saith yt on the 21 of Novr last one Matthew Iohnson who formerly lodged at her house came to her + offered her five counterfeit new shills. for 12 a Crown of good money and this Examt. gave the said Matthew Iohnson 2s 6d. for for {sic} the said give shills. and yt on the 25 of the said month the said Matthew Iohnson came to her and gave her 11 counterfeit shills more for 3 good shills. which he reced of this Examt. for them and that abot. 3 dayes and 12 ago the said Mathew Iohnson lodging then at this Examts. house she being very great with him did one day see ye sd Matthew Iohnson have on the fire a litle pott with 3 Corners having Metall in it and he having a Flask between his knees did take the said Pott from the fire with a pair of Pincers and cast the Metall into the Flask and she being desirous to see wt. was in the Flask asked of the said Matthew Iohnson to let him\er/ see what was in the Flask but he refused to let her see except she would give him a pott of Drink <51v> which she doing he took the Flask and opening of it {struck} thence a shilling imprest with King William and Q Mary and setting the pot on the fire and melting the metall againe cast another shilling which was all the Metall he then had in the pot and abot. 2 dayes after he went away from her house and she never saw him in a considrble time after

Eliz: Green


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict Coram
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