<47r> [1]

The Deposicon of Grace Hemmings of Vine sts by Hatton Gardens 13th. day of October 1698

She saith yt. Percivall Bignall of Castle street in Southk and his wife and Iohn Owen now or late of Salisbury Court in White Keyers and Ann Smith the wife of Iohn Smith lately convicted for coyning did about 2 years and a half ago work with the said Iohn Smith in counterfeiting ye Currt. Coyn of this Kingdom hammerd money at the house of ye said Iohn Smith in the Old Change And that Robert Francklin als Franckland and his wife Iane and Ann Smith the wife of the said Iohn Smith did work togeather with the said Iohn Smith in counterfeiting the New Milld Coyn of this Realm abot. 3 quarters of a year ago at the common house of the said Iohn Smith and Robt. Franchland in Verginia street in Ratcliffe highway and that Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis has seen them work togeather and lent them an Edger and Mrs.          the sister of the said Mrs. Lewis lent ym. another Edger and the wife of Robt. Franckland used to bring the said Edgers from the said Mrs. Lewis and her sister and carry them back againe after Smith and his Partners had done working and that mrs Lewis and her sister used to put off their money and wn. they workt in the Old Change Mr. Biganll and his wife used to put off their money and wn. they workt in the Old Change She saith also that the said Smith and his wife did abot. 12 a year ago make Counterfeit Gineas {sic} in Essex Court in White Fryers for one Keys als Case and his wife and she hath heard the said Iohn Smith say yt. Percivall Bignall's wife had of him new counterfeit Milld money while he the said Smith lived in Essex Co{a}|u|rt above menconed and yt. abot. 3 or 4 monthes ago the said Iohn Smith and Sarah Cletor and Elizabeth Deeare {sic} sister of ye said Sarah Cletor and also at the house of the sd Eliz Deare and that the said Iohn Smith was then averse from working and talk of leaving it off but was solicited by the said Sarah Cletor to teach her and her sister Eliz Dear aforesd and that what money they made was disposed off by Sarah Cletor <47v> partly to       Hans her brother's wife and partly to others and yt she hath heard the said Iohn Smith say that he hath workt in coyning at the house of the said       Hans The Depont. saith also yt. she heard Iohn Smith say that he and his wife Owen workt togeather in Baldwins Gardens in a house which Lewis took there for him and to wch. he removd from Essex Court a litle before he went to Sarah Cletors and that Mrs. Lewis aforesaid had the money which they made there But Depont. did not see ym Work togeather there She also saith yt. Iolm Owen's wife hath seen ym work togeather at the Old Change but used not to work with them


Memrand Robt. Franklin lives or latly did libe in Barbican Square between Barbican and old str at a Schoolmaster's but uses upon Tower hill Ann Smith the Fryday before Iohn Smith was took removed into White Fryars by the lower end of Water Lane Iohn Owen lived latly in Salisbury Court and since in Water Lane Elizabeth Deare lives or lately did live in Feather's Court in Holborn

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[2] Iuat {sic} die et anno preedict coram
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