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The Informacon of henry Saunders of Cross Lane in ye ish of St. Gyles in the fields in the County of Middx Tallow Chandler augt. 1698

Who saith that abot. october last past one michaell Gillinham who lives near Charing Cross called of this Depont. at his house in the whiteFryers and desired this Depont. to go with him to wapping to Thomas Holloway who then lodged there for yt. (as Gillingham said) the said Hollway refused to go into Scotland till he had seen this Depont. in order to desire him to see yt the said Gillingham took some care of Scotland and this Depont. did go with the said Gillingham to Holloway to the Turk's head near Armitage Bridge in Wapping to one Mr. Brownes and this Depont. saw the said Gillingham give a su of money to Holloway and Holloway did make a bargaine with a Master of a shop (who was commonly called Skipper Lawes) to carry him into Scotland and gave him some money in hand and another day a litle time after the said Gillingham called again of this Depont. and this Depont. did then go with him so the sd Thomas Holloway to Wapping and did yn go with Tho: Holloway and his wife to Bow where <43v> Holloway sealed a Letter of Attorney to the said Gillingham impowering him to receive wt. Debts was owing to him the said Holloway and then the said Holloway and his wife took horse and went away with a Design to go into Scotland as Holloway delared and the said Gillingham & this Depont. returned back from the Queens head at Bow where they parted with Holloway and his wife to a House in Coleman street where Gillingham called and told the man of the house that his horses would not be at home till two or three dayes were over and the reason that Gillingham told the said person in Coleman street abot. his horses not returning as aforesaid was because (as Gillingham said) that he would not have Holloway persued by the man for his horses for yt. Holloway had but hired them for one say and was to return them at night of the same day he had them and the said Gillingh and this Depont. went the same day to Newgate and called of one Mr. Chaloner who was then a Prisonr there (as this Depont. hath been told for counterfeiting the Currt. Coyn of this Kingdom and Chaloner did then ask Gillingham if Holloway was gone away and Gillingham replyd. that he was and Chaloner then seemed to be very joyfull and said a fart for ye world

Henry Saunders


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[3] Iurat die et anno preedict
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