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The Deposicon of Ioanna Atkinson dauther of Martha Atkinson of the parrish of St. Martins in con Fields in the County of Mid Widdow 26 October 1697

She saith yt on Saturday abot. a Month or two ago in the Evening wn. one Mr. Cook who lodged with the Deponent's sister martha Hartwell in the house of mr Iohn Gibbons near Charing Cross was carryd. away to the Messenger's house the said mr Gibbons came up two pair of stairs in the said house of mr. Gibbons and wn. he was almost at the Top of the 2d pair of stairs he mett yt Deponent's mother above menconed going down the stairs with a pail of water and told her in the Deponents hearing that the house was going to be searched and then chiding the Children for making a noise returned downstairs againe and the again and ye Depont. and her said mother went togeather to the Deponts sister Martha Hartwell abovesd who was then in mr. Cooke's Room and calling her to the door told her yt. the searched and the Deponent's said sister went back into the said Room where Mr. Cook then was and soon after came out again wth. a bundle of things in her Riding hood and the Depont. cryed to her to make hast but as the said Martha Hartwell was going down the stairs she was stopt by a Tallman in white Cloths upon the staires

Ioanna Atkinson


[1] 88

[2] Iurat Coram
           Isaac Newton

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