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The Informaion of Robt Brown Ioyner at the Sign of the Turks head near the Hermitage Bridge in Wapping 13 December 98

He saith yt. abot. 7ber or October was a 12 month Michael Gillingham who keeps an alehouse near Charing Cross + Thomas Holloway came to the Deponts. house and hired a room for 3s ꝑ week for Thos. Holloway and his wife + 5 children and a Maid Servt. to lodge in till the Mary of Leith a ship of which Iames Law was master could be ready to carry ym into Scotland and yt ye said Gillingham undertook to pay the said Rent of 3s ꝑ week + all other charges of the sd Holloway and his said Family in ye Lodging and accordingly paid the same from time to time twice every week and yt after 3 or 4 days Tho: Holloway and his wife went to <32v> Scotland by Land on horses hyred by the said Thomas Holloway but the Children staid abot 5 or 6 weeks in the Deponts house till the said Ship was ready and that the said Gillingham did hasten away the sd Tho: Holloway and his wife and he and Holloway did agree with the sd Laws to give him 3li 10s to carry the Children into Scotland of which money ye sd Holloway paid 10s in earnest and ye sd Gillingham paid the remaining 3li abot a fortnight after the Depont sayth also that the said Gillingham upon paying the sd 3li to the sd Mr Law took a Note of the said Mr Law that the sd Law should demand the said 3li of the sd Holloway in Scotland and repay it in England or Scotland to the said Gillinhgham and the said Mr Law should not deliver a Trunck and two bundles of Cloths to the said Holloway untill the said Holloway paid the said 3li and that the Depont hath heard the said Mr Law {comp} him that upon refining to deliver the Clothes untill he reced the 3l he was said by the sd Holloway for the said Cloths in {Dean Gelt}{illeg} Court in Edinborough and lately upon receiving back the said Note by Thos. Holloway \in Scotland/ (or another Note like it) did deliver to him ye sd Cloths and that ye sd Law being since saved by the said Gillingham for the sd 3ll, the said Gillingham produced another Note and shewed it mr Law and ye Depont together which Note the said Law acknowledged to be very like his hand but ye Depont suspected it to be only a Coppy of the first Note

Robt Browne


[1] 80

[2] Iurat Ianry 17° 16989
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