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I made false money in Engd for severall persons whose names are or followeth

Madam Iackson and I wrought at ye sign of the George near ye Church for one mr Kircher in Grace Church street near the Monumt. and delivered him severall Gineas {sic} at the sign of the Cross Keyes in the same street

Wee wrought h{illeg} wire for Mr Hesine who sells all sorts of Copper Wares and Iron and lives in Fleet street near Temple Barr

Wee wrought like wise for Mr Levele Lawman on Ludgate hill

as abov for Adams a Bancker Goldsmith yt lives in the strand her fathr. was present wn we delivered them to him at an house near the Litle Exchange abot 4 months before I left England


There is one Mr {Perce} a Mercht who lives near ye Maypole in the Strand yt keeps some Workmen at his brothers at the sign of the maggpy at Chelsea who makes money

There is also one Named {Kater} a mercht and Banker who lives in the strand near the Little Exchange He has a place three or 4 {lengths} out of the City whereas there is a Wand Mill I cannot yet think of the name of the place but I rembr ye name of the Village in Harrow on the Hill and the House and the House is called Northall and ye monyr Keeps the house his name is {Goldin}

The same thing may be found at Mr Williams's a Goldsmith in the Pall mall and one of his apprentices told me he had seen it signed Maxmi Laleue

The place of Arton in Harrow on the hill at an house called Northall the man is named {Goldin} The same thing may like wise be found at Mr Williams's in the Pall mall be one of Apprentices told me and assured me yt his Master once left yt Door of a Small Cellar open and yt he saw ye Engine upon a wooden Block and some Impression of some sort of money but of wt money he does not remember

I suspect Mr Rigeley on Suffolk street in ye Hay market and mr Barton Goldsmith at Charing Cross and mr Perigade in St. Albans str at the sign of the duke of St. Albans I suspect ym for dealing with those who coyn false money

Hely the Forger of money had correspondence at ye Hague with the English Embassadrs. Coach man a litle man called William and with another named ardson als adson an Englishman yt deals in {Legnors}

Hely has told me yt above 4 months since he had {illeg} at Rotterdam with one Named Calin an English Factor but I doe not know where he lives and with another named Stratman who lives at ye sign of the Crown and two Scepters near the post there is still another person at the Hague yt I will name but at ye present I cannot rember it but I hope to do it to morrow and give you a Genll accot

The litle English man yt Hely furnishd with false money has told me yt he and Hely had correspondence with one named Estige at the Flying horse in the <29v> {Soutwark} And also with an upholsterer an Irish man who lives in a street between the Town house + Houstreat his Name is Mona or Montuat

he had likewise correspondence with a woman yt lives in the Courdystreet at the sign of the White Lyon but I have forgot her Name he has told me yt Hely had dealing abot his false money with one Clifford an English who keeps at {Sasedolate} tho Hely did not mencon in his Confession but hereas Sure of it I suspect no others at the Hague

In England

I suspect one named Bignet in Kingstreet at the sign of Henry the 8 a Tavern

one Rigby at ye sign of the stagg in Suffolk street

Estige in Hartshorn Lane at Charing Cross a Wood monger

Further and {illeg} Examinacon of Maxmilian Laleu by Fabricius {Hooftaffi} in presence of all the {likepers} except Baker of the City of Harlem in the Prison there 8 January 1699

Maximilian Laleue acknowledges the false money found abot him consisting in Sikellens and Gilders was made by him th{illeg}|ree| or four dayes before he came hither from the Hague

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