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The Informacon of Ann Carnl|i|ll of St. Anns ꝑish spinster 9 7br 1698

She saith that a certain french Gent who calld himself {Allom} or {Allen} and lives in     street by the Horse Ferry next door to a basket makers did last Wednesday Hyre this Depont to be his servt. and orderd her on Thursday that is yesterday to meet him at a Linnen Drapers over agt. Charing Cross and there spake dubiously abot. liking her + told her a wrong name of himself and of the street where he lives as she afterwards understood and refused to let her go home with him and b{a}|i|d her come after him and after she had been wandring up and down an hour or two to find his home which he had told her was next door to a basket maker She saw a man in\through/ a Window in such a house and going to knock at the door his Nephew came to the Door and invited her in and being Orderd by her master to carry her box into the Garrett she there saw the floor strewed over with a Green stuff like Ratts bane in fine powder which his maid servt. said he traffacked with And the maid asking her if she had sworne the Depont said no but her Master had spoke to her abot it and the Maid said that she was sworn

The Depont. saith further that she saw a certain stranger Mill which she and another was to turn and found it too heavy for her to turn alone she saw also some other unusuall <24v> things of Iron and a Copper in which something was and certain very heavy baggs which she was to carry and a Statue in wa{illeg}|x| {illeg}|of| a Queen or Lady well dresst in full proporcon and yt there were one or two rooms lockt up which the Maid said yt no body was to come into And that the morning she came away telling her said Master yt. she could not turn the Mill nor carry ye baggs and she suspects that either the Imploymt. of Coyning or some other ill practise is severely carryd on \in/ the said house

the mark of
Ann Carnill


[1] 57

[2] Iurat die et anno preedict cor
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