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The Deposicon of Dorathy Tompson of Kings street near Golden square in St. Iames's ish 3d 7ber 1698

She sayth that abot. 5 or 6 years ago she saw Iohn Hickes of Chelsea and his daughter Mary Huett clip the Currt. Coyn of this Kingdom at Colehorne between Chelsea and Kensington and that she hath also abot. 5|f|ive years ago seen mr. Iohn Gibbons in company with Mary Townsend the daughter of Mr Edward Ivie and that the said gave to the said mary two Gi{illeg}neas {sic} and in giving them whisperd to her She sayth also yt she hath carryed Clippings of the Currt. Coyn of this Kingdom fro the said Mr. Edwd Ivie to one      Iacob of Sho Lane in Holborn a reputed Silver smith abot. 5 or 6 years ago

Dorathy Thomas


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[2] Iurat 7ber 3 1698 coram
        Is Newton

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