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The Informacon of Anthony Hildyard of Stradbrook in the County of Suffolk Yeoman 15 Iuly 1698

He saith that in December last was 12 month on the morning of yt day on which Ioseph Wing and the Depont were trued at the Old Bayly Mr. Iohn Gibbons who belongs to Whitehall and keeps|t| a Coffee house by Charging Cross came to the Deponent in Newgate and told him what service lay in his power and that he had been with the Grand Iury the day before where they dined and also that morning + acquainted them wt. the Evidence were and that he had known the Depont some years and pulling out some papers he shewd. the Depont one of them the Import of which was to put the Grand Iurymen in mind of the Deponent and said that he designed to send those papers to the Grand Iurymen for yt. purpose

Anth Hillyard {sic}


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
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