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The further Informacon of Mary Miller taken upon oath this 5th day of IunAugust 1698

Who sayth that day that Francis Ball was apprehended and in custody of Mr. Soager and others, as they were going with him the said Ball to Newgate he desired thro Depont to go to one Mr Whitfield to desire him to stand for One of his Bail thro Depont replyed and said that it was too late to get him bayled that night and askt the reason why he did not send for Whitfield that night morning and the said Ball bid this Depont tell Whitfield that the blanks for ye Counterfeit Spanish pistoles were cast out of Crow {sic} pieces in Whitfields <6v> house and stampt and guilded at another place and therefore he would not send for him in the morning lest his (Whitfields) house should have been searched and Materialls found therein and the sd Ball further said that he would have Whitfield get him bayled the next day for fear worse came on it. And this Informt. afterwards telling the said Whitfield wt Ball had said the said Whitfield replyed and said the Blanks for the said Counterfeit Pistoles were not made in his house but put ease they were he did not value what any Iustice of peace could do to him for that, for they might kiss his Arse for they could not hurt him for it and the said Whitfield and his wife called this Depont. scurrilous Names and said she had betrayed the sd Ball on purpose and threatned her they would be revenged on he if it cost ym a hundred pounds

And this Depont. farther sayth that one Margery Iohnson who was but this very day released out of Newgate came this Evening to this Depont. and told her yt. she this Depont. had been the occasion of Mr. Whitfields being taken up this day by telling of as also Drawer of his that he used to put false money in and she the said Margery Iohnson said that she would stand by Whitfield for he had been her particulr. Friend and therefore would hinder the Deponent's comeing or appearing agt. him at the sessions by getting Badd mon|'|y and swearing she had it of this Informt.

The Deponent further saith yt. Whitfield said he brought her acquainted with Mr. Ball aforesaid with an intent to do her good for that she this Informant might had had gott 10. week by puting off \Counterfeit/Spanish pistoles. for that a particulr. Friend of his (Whitfield's) had putt off that day 3 counterfeit pistoles at the full value

Mary Miller.


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict coram Is Newton

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