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The Informacon of Iohn Smith of the New way in Westmr Cordwainer taken this 27th. day of Iuly 1698

He sayth that on Munday last in the morning he being in the house of Iosias Bellon of the Round Court in Bowstreet westmr. Goldsmith to secure his good upon suspicon of Fellony and Burglary, and walther Bowes being also in the same house upon the same accot. the said Bowes ꝑceived a Cloth with something heavy in it in the bottom of the Barrell of Watter {sic} and the Depont. putt his arm through the Bung hole into the Barrell pulled out the Cloth and found in it a pair of Ginea {sic} Dyes for coyning now produced and delived the same to Willm Highstreet and knoweth the Dyes now produced to be the same

Iohn Smith


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[2] Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Is Newton

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