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The Informacon of Isaac Wood of St. Clemts Danes in the County of Middx Dy{er} taken upon Oath this 9th day of Iuly Anno Dni 169{8}

Who saith That in March was two yeares last past he this Infor{mt.} saw one Ferdinando Croudson (now prisonr. in Newgate) make severall counterfeit sixpenny stamps for stamping of paper at Broughton in Lancash, and did then and there see the said Ferdinando Croudson stamp several sheets of paper with the stamps he so made and that in aprill was two yeares this Informt. saw the sd. Croudson make another Counterfeit Sixpenny stamp for paper in the Castle of chester and that the said Croudson afterwards sent this Informt. with the said stamp to one Henry Woodburn at Kirkby Hall in Lancashire who had bespoke the same of the said Croudson as he told this Informt. That in august was 12 month this Inform{t.} saw the said Ferdinando Croudson at the City of Chester aforesd make a Counterfeit new shilling and Guild a Counterfeit new Ginea which Ginea he declared he (with severall more) had made himselfe which Ginea and shilling he guilded and made as an Experimt to shew to one Lancelot Shepherd who as Shepherd and Croudson told this Informt. had made a Contract with the said Croudson and was to give him 5ll. to teach him to make counterfeit money and Gold. And this Informt. further saith that the said Ferdinando Croudson hath severall times declared to this Informt. that he hath made severall summs of Counterfeit Gold and money

Isaac Wood


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[3] Iurat die et anno preedict
coram Is Newton

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