To the Warden Master Worker & Comptrollr.

of the Mint at Chester


Seeing by all the Accts. we have from yor. Mint that you have Coyn'd up all you coul'd of the severall Importacons you have had since the Last act of Parliamt. & considering that what remaines unpd in your Mint must be made good out of the severall sumes the Parliamt. hath voted for the discharge of your Debts, wch. will be given us out of some supply that shall be granted to the King before the House do{e}|t|h rise.        This is therefoer to require, direct & order you to take upp all yor. Tooles, Engines, & Vtensills, & pack them Vpp assoone as you can, & by the next {and} opportunity you have to send them by sea, directed to us at the Mint in the Tower; The Monyrs. knowing best what is fitt to be sent upp, have already reced Order's from their Provost here, to secure all their Tooles, of wch. yu must be sure to take an Acct. & transmitt it to us assoone as they are shipp'd off. The old Iron unfitt for use you may dispose of there & likewise the Wood of yor. presses & Mills, & give us the creditt for the same in yor. Bookes. In mentoing the Tooles above, Wee meane {n}ott only what the Monyrs. have in their hands, but likewise what the Melter & Assay Master have, & generally all that has been sent from hence, & what the King has paid for.   Yor Bookes, Pix Box's {a}nd dyes both good & badd, you may Naile upp in \a/ box by them selves {&} sent them upp by the Carryer's Remember to take Bills of Loading for {w}hat comes by sea, & agree for the Freight if you can conveniently {do}e itt, this we expect a Speedy complyance with, & soe remaine



Yor. Loving Freinds {sic}

Is: Newton

Tho: Neale


[1] {M}int office in the Tower
{illeg} Iune 1698

[2] {Take} care that the Dyes doe not {illeg}{illeg}t: the Bookes if in the same Box

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