To His Grave the Duke of Shrewsbury Lord High Trearer of Great Britain

May if Please Your Grace

I most humbly beg leave to Acquaint Your Grace that fifty Medals of Gold made upon the late peace cost 168li and at the same rate Three Hundred Medals of Gold now Ordered upon His Majestys Coronation will cost 1008£.

There were no Medals of Silver made upon the peace for Her late Majestys use, but the twelve Hundred made at the Coronation took up 634 Ounces and a Quarter of fine Silver which was after the Rate of above ten pennyweight and an half to each Medal, and if there be now allowed eleven pennyweight to each Medal, that the Impression may rise high, the Silver and Refining at 5s. 8d. ꝑ ounce will amount unto 187L and the Workmanship at 6s ꝑ medal to 30L. In all the charge of the silver medals will amount to 217L wch. being added to the Charge of the Gold Medals, makes the whole Charge 1225L, besides the Charge of Receiving the Money which may amount unto about five pounds more. I humbly pray Yor. Grave that this Money may be Imprest to me out of any Branch of the Civil List for buying the Gold and Silver and paying for the Coynage, the Coinage Duty being appropriated

All wch: is most humbly submitted to your Lordships great Wisdom

Isaac Newton

Mint Office
Septr: 25: 1714.

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