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Whereas we are informed That there are in his Majties. Mint in the Tower of London, great Quantities of Gold, and some silver, which if it should remain uncoined would be to the dissatisfaction and prejudice of the Importers, and a Discouragement to the Coynage. And that the making of new Puncheons and Dyes with his Majties. Effigies and armes will take up some considerable time, before they can be finished, We do therefore hereby Authorize and require you the Master and Worker of his Majties. \said/ Mint, to proceed in coining the Gold & Silver Bullion a{illeg}|s| shall be brought into the said Mint, with Dyes made from the Puncheons used in her late Majties. Reign; untill new Puncheons & Dyes, with his Majties. Effigies and arms shall be made and finished as aforesaid. And for so doing this shall be your Warrant. Dated at his Majties. Palace at St. Iames's the third day of August 1714 in the first year of his Majties. Reign.


[1] To Sr. Isaac Newton Knt. Master
and Worker of his Majties. Mint.

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