To His Grace the Duke of Shrewsbury Lord Trearer of Great Britain

May it please Your Grace.

Vpon an Order from my Late Lord Treasurer dated Iuly 27: 1714. that we should give our opinion upon the Inclosed petiīon of severall Traders in the Woollen Manufactures in and about Taunton, that the Moydors of Portugall may there be [1]received by the Collectors of the Revenues at 28s a peice {sic}: We humbly represent that by their Weight and assay they are worth about 27s: 7d14 a peice {sic} at a Medium, but are frequently culled in London and the lighter peices {sic} sent to other places to be put away where people will receive them, and those lighter peices {sic} are scarce worth above 27s: 6d one with another, which is the price that the Collectors of the Revenues are willing to take them at.

All which is most humbly submitted.

[1] {/w:m:}

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