To the Rt: Honble: Sidney Lord Godolphin Lord High Trearer of England

May it Please Your Lordship

In a Report which We lately made to Your Lordship about filling the Gravers place, We proposed Mr. Croker to be first Graver of the Mint, and Mr. Bull the second and by reason that Mr Gabriel Le Clerc one of the Peticoners who is a Skilful and nimble Artist was then in the Service of the Duke of Zell Wee humbly desired time to Consider of a third person, but he having since obtained his Discharge from the Duke of Zell, and being now at Liberty wee therefore most humbly Reccommend Him for his Ability as a fitt person to be incerted in the patent for the place of Third Graver with a Sallary of Eighty pounds ꝑ Ann to commence from Christmas last

All which is most humbly submitted to Your Lordships great Wisdom

I Stanley

Is Newton

In Ellis


[1] Mint Office
10 Ian: 17045.

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