To the Rght Honble the Lord Comrs of his Maties Treary

A Report of the Officrs of the Mint

May it please yor Lordspps

In Obedience to yor Lordspps Order of Refference dated the 11° May 1699

Wee have considred the Peticon of the Provost & Fellowes of the Corporacon of Monyrs and and {sic} their Bill hereunto Annexed And doe finde the said Bill as far as March 16956 is the same as that they formerly laid before yor Lordspps) (Excepting that they have here omitted wtt was there sett downe for Coinage Houses and Mony advanced) and doeth amount to 4666£: 0{5}|4|s: 00d: wch Bill wee have already reduced to 4000li in a former report

And for wtt they have here further added in their Bill amounting to 587£. 18s: 05d Wee are humbly of Opinion that 400li is a sufficient allowance

All wch is most humbly submitted to

yor Lordspps great Wisdome

Is Newton

Tho Neale

Tho Molyeneux



[1] Tower of London
   Mint Office May 1699

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