To the Rht: Honble the Lords Comrs of his Maties Treary

May it please yor Lordspps

In Obedience to yor Lordspps Com̄and wee have Considerd the memorial annexed of Mr Yates and on Inquiry of the Comptrollr: of Bristol Mint are Informed & doe beleive {sic} the seaverall Disburstmts therein conteined amounting to: 9li: 14s: 2d to be reasonable and yt the ꝑsons in the memoriall menconed were Employed about one year & halfe and wee think may very well deserve the seaverall Allowances for the purposes therein Expressed the service being performed as wee are Informd for the Benefitt of the publique & generall satisfaction of the ꝑticular persons concerned

All wch wee humbly submitt to yor Lordspps

Is Newton

Tho Neale

Fran: Berisford pro Comtrollrs


[1] Mint Office 20 Augt 98

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