Mint Office Iune 16. 1703.


Vpon stating Accompts yesterday wth the Commrs for Prizes concerning the Gold & Silver taken at Vigo & sent into the Mint, we found the same as follows.

The Accompt of the Silver
Silver delivered into ye Mint at several times (besides an
    Altar piece & Salver not weighed)
Coyned & paid to the Commrs for Prizes 1000li weighing 321.2.13
Paid to Sr Cloudsly Shovel 1000li in pieces of 88 weighing 289.10.5
Pieces of 88 remaining in the Mint 171.1.10
Three Ingots imported & 48 others melted out of old Plate,
    Cakes, Wedges &c & remaining in the Mint
Plate reserved as valuable for its fashion 415.4.4
Wast in the melting arising chiefly from the fuming of
    the leady Cakes, Virgin Silver & Soder
Iron & Brass taken out of the Plate 6lwt. 8oz 6{illeg}|dw|t. Allay put
    in to make the money standard 2oz. 9dwt. The difference
The Accompt of the Gold.
Gold delivered into the Mint at several times
Coyned & paid to ye Commrs for Prizes 267li. 7s. 9d weighing
Remaining in the Mint

I beleive {sic} it may be proper to acquaint my Lord High Treasurer with this Accompt. And whenever his Lordp pleases to give further directions about disposing of what remains in the Mint I shall be ready to assist in the execution as far as I can be serviceable. I am

Yor most humble & most obedient


Is. Newton


To the Honble Wm Lowndes Es

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