To the Rt Honble the Lords Commers of his Majties Treasury.

May it please yor Lordps

We have according to yor Lordps directions considered the petition of Mr Iames Roettiers hereunto annexed, & do most humbly represent that tis very true that the Dyes & Puncheons in his custody were seized by direction of a Committee of ye House of Commons backt with a vote of the House, & that by yor Lordps order he was afterwards removed from the imploymt of Engraver to his Majties Mint, & his working-rooms & Tools were seized by the Warden & Master & Worker. That the Warden soon after restored \almost/ all his tools to his Father, & told him that before his sons departure to Flanders the rest should be restored together wth such Dyes & Puncheons as were his. That we know not how far Mr Harris may have engaged himself to yor Lordps to make new Puncheons as good as Mr Roettiers, but we have hitherto endeavoured to engage him (contrary to his mind) to copy after Mr Roettier's Puncheons that the money may be all alike. And that Mr Neale intends to pay him his demand of sixty pounds & tenn shillings, & with yor Lordps approbation to give him fifty pounds more (being ye summ he desired) for ye five hundred pair of Dyes for the Country Mints.

And we most humbly submit it to yor Lordps great wisdome whether he shall be any more imployed as Engraver in his Maties Mint or allowed a maintenance here till Mr Harris shall shew such specimens of his Art as he may have promissed to yor Lordps or return with his family to Brussels his native country. And we also most humbly desire yor Lordp's direction about the Medal-Dyes & Puncheons whether they shall be restored to him, & about his father whether he shall still be allowed an habitation in the Mint.

Is. Newton

Tho Neale

Tho: Molyneux

[1] <160v>

Mr Roettiers.
|Read 6 Iuly 97.|

[1] Mint Office
Iuly 6. –97.

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