August the 6th. 1701.

In the Dutchy Chamber.

Tryed. The Excheqr. Weights. And the Tower Weights
The two drachms 14 gra heavier The 2 single Drachms heavier then the other 18 pt of grain each
The two qrter ounces exact The halfe ounce 14 graine heavier
The 4 ounce wtts. exact The ounce 14 gra full havier {sic}
The 32 oz wtt. 12 gra full heavier The two ounce 12 gra full heavier
The 64 oz wtt. 12 gra heavier lighter The 4 oz pile
small weights
} 1 gra 14
The 8 ounce wtt 12 gra full heavier
The 16 oz wtt. 1 gra 12 heavier
The 64 oz wtt. 12 gra. heavier

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