To the most Honble the Earl of Oxford & Earl Mortimer Lord High Treasurer of great Britain

May it please yor Lordp

In obedience to yor Lordps Order of Reference upon the Bills of Mr Robt Weddel for prosecuting coyners during the space of nineteen months ending last Christmas was a twelve-month, & upon the Memorial of the Warden of the Mint concerning the same: We have considered the services alledged to be done & examined the reasonableness of the said Bills, & humbly represent to yoR Lordp that the services so far as We can find, were done; & allowing to Mr Weddel for travelling {charges} 6d per mile, 2s per post stage & 15s per day abroad (as was {allowed}\{setled}/ by the late Lord Treasurer & \allowed also/ by the late Lords Commissioners of the Treary) & to the men who assisted him in apprehending & prosecuting criminals, 6s 6d per day for each man & horse during their journeys: the travelling charges amount unto 186li. 12s. 6d, wch wth Mr Weddels salary, a Bill of Mr Fords, the fees of receiving the money allowed upon the last account, & the charges of a law suit wth a coyner upon the Privy Seal, make up the summ of 337li. 1s. 6d, wch we humbly think reasonable to be allowed.

That there \are/ other charges wch admitt of no vouchers or \strickt/ examination, whereof the fees of Council & other Court Charges upon the trials of persons (vizt for Indictmts, swearing of witnesses, attending wth Records, &c) amount unto 62li. 10s. And these charges being necessary for carrying on the prosecutions, We are humbly of opinion that the Prosecutors account of them, where nothing appears false or unreasonable, s\h/ould be accepted.

And the maintainance of witnesses during their attendance on courts of justice, & pocket expenses in apprehending & examining people accused & in attending on Iudges & Iustices of the Peace & paying for their Warrants & for stationery ware & Post Letters, amount further to about 68li.

But considering that about one half of the money set down in Mr Weddels Account hath been advanced by him for car without interest for carrying on the prosecutions, & that the charges of receiving the money due upon the|i||s| B{illeg} Account are not set down therein; both wch may amount to above 40li, & that Mr Weddel was a very good prosecutor & if prosecutors be discouraged they may be induced to pay themselves by taking money for favouring or protecting coyners: We are humbly of opinion that the Bills of Mr Weddel amounting in the whole to 467li. 15s. 2d, be allowed.

All wch &c

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