The case between ye K. & Sr Wm Ashurt & Sr Rich Levet latesheriffs of Lond has b{e}|i|n depending about 4 years. Whereof about thre year it was managd by Aaron Smith. but ye Ward of Mint complaining to ye Lds of ye Tr of his negligence they ordered Mr Macy to take it in hand & it is still put off by ye Court of Exh. till Mich term next, vizt for ye paymt of 17{illeg}|0|. {illeg}|3|s. 0d in money: t|T|hey were likewise char{ch}|g|ed for 88514 ounces of Clippings but by Mr Aar. Smiths neglect in not putting a value upon them the Court did not think fit ye process should go forward for them but begin anew by way of scire facias for the same.     There are other parcels of clipping & clipt money wch ye s{illeg}|ai|d Gentlemen Sr W. A & Sr R. L were chargeable wth in their year wch Mr Iohn Hardesty Cl{a}|e|rk of the Peace for Middlesex can give an account of as well as ye several Sheriffs before \& since/ Sr W. Ashurst & {R}|S|r R. L (vizt for at least 7 years.

The case of ye Bayliff of Westminster \was that he/ did make seizures of several things relating to clippers & coyners, particularly clippings, clipt & counterfeit money, Guineas, houshold & oth Goods & other personal estate to ye \to ye value of 5{6}0 or above/ belonging to one Middleton convicted & executed about two years ago for clipping. Vide ye English {Bi}ll preferred against him now in Mr Tussinghams hander \but not yet signed by Mr Attorney/. Mr Tussingham is a clerk of ye Excheqr & lives {illeg} neare leather Lane in Holbourn. Memorandu ye Aaron Smith soon after ye execution of Middleton told G. Macy that he had an acquaintance wch could discover ye|a| personal estate of the said Middletons not yet found out, to ye value of about 5 of 600, but demanded wt share he or his friends sho{illeg}|u|ld have of the same when so do{illeg}|ne|.

There is also a B{illeg}|i|ll agt \(not yet signed by Mr Attorney)/ in ye hands of ye sd Mr Tussingha agt my Lady Russel &       Owen her steward for 3 or 400 Guine{illeg}|a|s, clip{illeg}|pi|ngs, plate, melted Silver & house & houshold Good {illeg}|{in}| |all| esteemed worth 1200, {illeg}|b|elonging to one Newell in Holbourn convicted executed about 2 years since. At his tryall several Ingots of melted Silver were produced agt {illeg}|h|im at ye old Bayly wt|c|h then Sheriffs <435v> seized. The Lady Russel clai{ns}|m|s under her Ancestors as Lds of the Mannor. Mr Macy hath given all his Papers relating to these things to Mr Hardesty for instructions to dray|w| these things by.

The Bayliff of ye Burrough of Southwark charged wth 100 ounces of clippings taken upon a person acquitted at Kingston Assizes a year & an half ago. He claims under the City of London.

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