To the Excellencies the Lords' Commrs Iustices of England
The humble Representation of the Officers of his Majts Mint.

May it please yor {Lo}|Ex|cellencies.

That the Irish Mint now demanded {illeg}|b|y the Ld Lucas in his Memorial as well as some other places now in {illeg}|his| possession were granted to the Officers of the Mint by several Charters & Indentures under the broad seal in former {illeg}|R|eigns & by two Indentures in this from his prsent Maty as may appeare by the clause of the Indentures hereunto annexed. And some of the said places having been got out of the hands of the said Officers by the Garrison & others in the late civil warrs were by several orders of Council restored to the Mint in 1662 uopn setting up th{illeg}|e| new way of coyning by the Mill & Press & continued in their {illeg} &

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