To all Mayors Sheriffs Aldermen Commissioners Iustices of ye peace Constables Headboroughs Press-masters and other his Maties Officers whom these may Concerne.

Whereas by Ancient Charters frome ye Crowne and confirmed by his present Matie as by severall his progenitors and predecessors Kings and Queens of England It hath been and is granted unto ye Wardens of ye Exchanges Monÿers Workmen and other Ministers of his Maties Mint deputed unto those things which concerne ye said Office That they and every of ym. are and shall bee Freed and discharged from being putt into any Assizes Iuries Inquests or Attaints although ye same should touch his Matie or his heires And that none of ym. against his will should be Mayor Sherriffe Bayliffe Escheator Constable Collector Inquisitor or Assessor of Tenths Fifteenths Subsidies Talliages Aides or other Impositions nor beare any other Other Office nor \personal/service \or duty/ whatsoever \as the said Charter directs/ And yt they and every of ym. should be quitt and discharged Forever in ye City of London and all other Citys Townes and places where they do inhabit and where their Estates do lye of all Assessents Taxacons Talliages Aids Loans Contributcons Fifteenths Tenths Subsidies or other Imposicons whatsoever And every part thereof to ye Kings Matie his heires and successors by ye Comonalty of ye Realme of England and otherwise granted and to bee granted And likewise from all Imprests Suites Accons Arrests Attaints +c. And yt. all pleas and Complaints (pleas of Freehold and of ye Crowne only excepted) should bee adjudged before yt. Mas{tr.} of his Maties Mint And yt they or any of ym. should not bee molested distreyned or otherwise grieved in their Lands Tenmts Rents goods or Chattles but should have their due Allowance And discharge thereof before the Treasurer and Barrons of ye Exchequer And whereas in ye Terme of St Michael in ye two and thirtieth year of ye Raigne of King Charles ye Second upon an hearing before ye Barrons of ye Excheqr. It was in pursuance to ye said Charters Ordered That ye Collectors of Taxes granted by Parliamt. or otherwise do upon Certificate under ye hand and seale of ye Warden of his Maties Mint Fforbeare to make any distress upon their Estates goods or Chattles or upon their Tenemts. in any City Towne or place where ye same do lye But shall returne ym. with ye sumes assessed upon them in super upon ye Accounts of the said Collectors Now I              Esqr. Warden of his Maties Mint within ye Tower of London do hereby Certefy That                     are Officers in ye Mint now erected at         being deputed thereunto by me and other Officers in ye Mint at ye Tower of London and yt they and their Clerks and workmen and other Ministers and Labourers imployed by ym in ye said Mint at       ought \have right/ to enjoy ye sd privilidges and Immunities before mentiond and all other privilidges yt may of right Apperteyne unto him by virtue of ye said Charters That they may bee Free to give his constant Attendance unto the service of his Maties sd Mint In wittness whereof I have caused ye Seale of the said Office to bee Affixed unto these presents Given under my hand at ye Mint within ye Tower of London this            day of        in ye Eight\twelft/ year of ye raigne of our soveraigne Lord King William by the grace of God of England Scotland France + Ireland Defender of ye Faith +c Anno Dni. 1696

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